Evomail, the new modern Gmail client for iPad

Evomail para iPad (2,69 euros)

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Evomail, the new modern Gmail client for iPad
Evomail, the new modern Gmail client for iPad

Today Evomail has made an appearance in the App Store, after many months of development and I think more than one attempt to enter the App Store. From the creator of Boxcar comes this modern email client with support for multiple accounts, separate threaded messages, profile images for our friends and image insertion more easily than with the native application.

I have been tracking these people for many months and some of us were a little impatient for this day to come. Evomail has appeared today in the App Store without notice and until recently we only knew some small details of its interface and little more. Evomail arrives with the promise of modernizing and bringing a better designed and simple interface and ultimately a new experience in terms of email on the iPad.

So far we have liked very much the little we have been using the application. It looks like a panel-based interface like many of today’s applications, is a very useful distribution. On the left hand side we can easily select the different accounts we have set up. Between this panel and the message list are the different labels and folders. What I haven’t found yet is the trash can…

The handling is very simple and intuitive and the application has a very good response, all actions are very fast but actions like scrolling the panels as we would do on Facebook are not completely natural. The search for messages is done throughout our account, even those that haven’t passed directly through the application and with a minimum waiting time.

It is possible to share messages on Facebook, Twitter or the entire website through a link but at this point, we assume that due to the load on your servers, it is not possible to generate the link to do the sharing. Despite this, it seems to be an interesting and rare feature in a mail client.

Integrates notifications push and is currently only supported for Gmail accounts. What I do find a great accomplishment is the view of previous messages in a thread. No more searching through messages below, they’re now displayed as a timeline with a thumbnail image of each member of the message.

As I said there are still some loose ends: where is the trash can or all the archived messages? There are some details like the gesture to reply to a message or the ubiquitous button to compose a new message quickly. They haven’t really invented the wheel but have focused on creating something simple that doesn’t need a lot of complicated tutorials.

Let’s hope that Evomail will report much more in future updates as the young team promises. I at least expect some more natural animations and that some dark points and bugs in the application will be cleared up, and of course, more news. A very good option to Apple’s Mail application that requires more than a 2.69 review for a long time and is worth trying.

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