EqualizerEverywhere, the Easiest Way to Adjust Audio in Apps

EqualizerEverywhere, a new application for adjusting audio

Usually we can find a lot of Cydia tweaks that are almost always just extensions, but there are much more interesting tweaks that offer a lot of functionality to our iOS devices, such as EqualizerEverywhere , which adds an equalizer for the whole iPhone. With this tweak you have the possibility to add a full EQ directly in the iOS Control Center, so changing the settings will be much easier while listening to your favorite music or using any other app like podcasts.

EqualizerEverywhere is a recently released tweak for Jailbreak, which allows us to create and activate certain custom EQs on any application . This is very effective for people who listen to various types of music from their own iPhone, and like to customise the audio according to the type they’re listening to at the time. If you are such a person, this is a feature that might interest you.

The operation of EqualizerEverywhere is very simple

EqualizerEverywhere, the Easiest Way to Adjust Audio in Apps
EqualizerEverywhere, the Easiest Way to Adjust Audio in Apps

The first thing we will have to do to have this function, is to go as usual to look for it, or on the contrary we enter the BigBoss Replacement on Cydia, and we install it at a price of 3.00 dollars , but of course we will also find it available for free in other replacements if we search quietly.

Once installed we can look for the tweak configuration in our iPhone settings. Once inside we can activate or deactivate it . We can also activate the option to have it appear in your Control Center. Inside the tweak we can find an equalizer to put the sound to our liking. All this while listening or not to some kind of audio at the moment .

In addition users can choose the EQ settings within the preferences, but it is always better to do this from the control center . While our favourite music is playing, we only need to slide our finger from right to left on the screen to see our EQ settings. Also if we slide a second time we access the list of presets.

This tweak has many default EQ settings for different situations and music types . But still, users also have the option of adjusting the EQ settings and then creating a custom preset in case you are not interested in the tweak. We can also set a custom name and save it for quick access later.

As you can see we have a quite complete tweak, but it is also true that it has a little problem, currently it is only available for iOS 7.0 7 7.1x, although we hope that soon it will be available for the expected iOS 8. Here is a tutorial from iDownloadBlog explaining in more detail how this tweak works:

How about EqualizerEverywhere ?

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