Enlight, the ultimate photo editor?

There are photo editors for iOS and many more. What’s more, it’s a category that keeps growing and with every submission there’s talk of the ultimate publisher. Sometimes that’s true, but they only last as long as it takes to launch a new one. The last one to appear is Enlight, the ultimate photo editor.

Yes, I said it and it’s justified. Enlight is the most complete application I have used for photo editing. It allows you to make adjustments in exposure, brightness, contrast and much more so let’s see all the possibilities.

Enlight, a photo editor for both novice and advanced users

Enlight, the ultimate photo editor?
Enlight, the ultimate photo editor?

Enlight is an application capable of using the camera to take pictures even though that is not its strong point. To shoot and get better results I recommend to use better the native application or Manual. But let’s move on to its functions as an editor.

Enlight offers a lot of options to edit our photos to improve them and also to create new compositions. All your options are:

  • Precise and selective control of tone, colour and detail
  • Create and save your own personal presets
  • Mask function available in all tools to combine effects naturally
  • Reproduces the style of classic cameras and traditional photographic film
  • Two-tone gradients
  • Add filtered lights and vignetting
  • Monochromatic photos with traditional development room techniques
  • Exclusive presets for black and white conversions
  • Add artistic touches with the parameters of photographic film: intensity, grain and veiling
  • Creates pictorial effects
  • Customize: draw, write or scribble directly on the image
  • Signs and special effects to make your photo unique
  • Add and customize text, borders, frames and more
  • Superimpose two photos to create a double exposure effect
  • Create photomontages and achieve impressive surrealistic effects
  • Naturally combines photos with various fusion modes
  • Instantly repairs underexposed or overexposed photos
  • Top quality noise reduction tool
  • Swells, shrinks or alters certain objects in the picture
  • Linear, radial and mirror tilt-shift options for changing focus
  • Multi-channel curves for absolute control over image tonality
  • Flip, rotate and straighten fallen photos
  • Perspective: vary the photo as if it had been taken from another angle

All this is what Enlight has to offer. More than enough options for us to establish that it is one of the best if not the best. But if there’s one thing I like, it automatically saves our edits so we can continue later. And all in a fluid way.

If you are an advanced user Enlight is your editor

Enlight has only been in the App Store for a few days but after using it for a few days I dare say that it is the best photo editor for iOS . There’s practically no lack of options, and except for a very occasional thing you won’t need to go to your Mac or PC to edit your photos in applications like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Pixelmator or Affinity Photo.

Darkroom, lo que Lightroom para iOs debió haber sido

However, only if you are advanced users or if you need such a complete editor. If you find the filters of other existing applications sufficient, do not buy it. If you only need to adjust a little bit the brightness, contrast or saturation, use the native iOS options. But if you want everything and more, then go to the App Store without fail.

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