Enlight, an excellent photo editing app for iPhone

The truth is that the App Store is a rich source for downloading photo editing applications, it is full of fabulous retouching tools like Pixelmator, Snapseed, Photoshop, VSCO Cam, Retrica, Aviary… And recently one more has been added to the list: Enlight ; and is available, for the moment, for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Enlight developers have announced through social networks that they are already working on an iPad version , although it is worth noting that the application can already be downloaded on iOS tablets but, of course, with the iPhone screen resolution.

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Enlight, an excellent photo editing app for iPhone
Enlight, an excellent photo editing app for iPhone

The photo editing app from Lightricks Ltd., Enlight, requires iOS 8.1 and costs 3.99

Enlight: Finally a publisher worthy of Snapseed

It is very difficult to find an iPhone photo editing application that fits all our needs and meets each and every one of our requirements. Although as we mentioned before there are fabulous apps for photo editing, but none of them provided the same level of clarity, cleanliness, comfort and usability that Snapseed, the application bought by Google, provides. Or, at least, until now.

Enlight is one of the most comprehensive photo editing apps on the iPhone on the market today , which at first acts to its detriment, as seeing so many features and settings can be a bit confusing, intimidating or messy.

But once we get used to the way it is used, Enlight offers a fantastic experience and usability and can be an ideal companion for touching up all those selfies we want to post on Facebook or those landscape photos we want to share on Instagram.

The iPhone Enlight app is recommended to be used in landscape mode (with the smartphone in horizontal position), so we can slide our finger from the left to access all the tools and touch up functions.

Enlight is a truly powerful iPhone photo editing tool, for example, let’s look at the image below, the left part is from the Darkroom app while the right part has been edited with the Enlight app.

In addition to interesting functions such as pictorial effects , filtered lights, vignetting, classic camera retouching, gradients or photo overlays , Enlight allows us to create photomontages with surrealistic effects and combine several photos with different modes of fusion.

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Of course, Enlight for iPhone also offers other retouching settings and smart photo correction or cropping tools. But best of all, of course, is its user interface and creative, inspiring way of using it. All in all, a truly recommendable app.

Have you tried Enlight on your iPhone? Tell us about your experience! Would you like to recommend any other iOS photo editing application? As always, we’ll be waiting for you in the comments section.

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