Emulating the CarPlay Experience on iPhone and iPad


This year could be the year of CarPlay, a couple of weeks ago we informed you about the implementation of CarPlay in two BMW models to be presented in 2017. But this year the operating system will already be available in other cars from different companies.

Emulating the CarPlay Experience on iPhone and iPad
Emulating the CarPlay Experience on iPhone and iPad

CarPlay operation will allow drivers (and co-drivers) to use the iPhone and Siri voice commands to activate CarPlay functions to send messages, make calls, view maps, and even listen to music and audiobooks.

Two years ago, Cydia introduced a tweak called CarPlay iOS, which allowed to emulate the CarPlay experience on your iPhone and iPad . Today, the tweak has been updated to version 2.0 and is now available for download at the iOS 9 Jailbreak.

With the CarPlay interface on your iPhone (or iPad), you can access the applications and features you’d normally find in your car with a CarPlay system.

If you activate CarPlay iOS , only the applications that you need to see or access while driving will appear on your interface. These are the available apps:

  • Telephone
  • Music
  • Maps
  • Messages
  • Playing Now
  • Adjustments
  • Podcasts

The developer has tried to improve and enhance the tweak CarPlay iOS 2.0 with some quite interesting new features that we explain below.

Merger mode: With the new merge mode, you can now open third-party applications in the CarPlay interface and use the Home button to interact with them.

Update via OTA: The tweak now supports updates via OTA (Over The Air), so you don’t have to open Cydia to update CarPlay iOS 2.0.

Points of interest: The Maps app now shows points of interest which will allow you to get a much more useful navigation experience when using the tweak on iPhone and iPad.

Google Maps support: It is also possible to use the Google Maps application instead of Apple Maps on CarPlay iOS.

On and Off: The tool will know when to turn on the CarPlay interface based on the connection to the car charger.

This is a pretty useful tweak for all those who regularly use the iPhone in the car and still have Jailbreak on their devices. What do you think about the iOS tweak CarPlay?


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