EFF demands new privacy measures from Apple and other companies

The non-profit organization EFF, an acronym of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, launched today a new campaign called “Fix It Now” in which Apple is the protagonist. In this campaign it is intended that, in addition to the company of the apple, all technology companies implement privacy functions in those services where these same companies have access to users’ personal data.

EFF calls on Apple to implement privacy measures in iCloud

In this new campaign, EFF has demanded that Apple implement a solution to those security and privacy issues that may have an “attainable solution”. This would lead to the implementation of a user encryption for iCloud backups .

EFF demands new privacy measures from Apple and other companies
EFF demands new privacy measures from Apple and other companies

Currently iCloud backups are encrypted on Apple’s server . However the company has access to data such as name, address, email, Safari browsing history, messages and some other data described by the company itself on its privacy website. Therefore EFF asks that the user can tape this copy , choosing which data to encrypt and which not.

With these new security measures required by the EFF, Apple would not have access to the data that users store on iPhone or iPad backups. This measure also aims to ensure that the police do not have access to the backups either.

The reason Apple claims not to have implemented user encryption on backups is that doing so would not restore iCloud backups. However, EFF recalled that Tim Cook , Apple’s CEO, had already pointed out in an interview the possibility of taping these backups.

“Our users have a key and we have another key. We do this because some users lose or forget their key and then wait for our help to recover their data. It is difficult to estimate when we will change this practice, but I think that will be regulated in the future as with devices. So we will not have another key in the future” were the words of Cook referred to by EFF and belonging to an interview that the CEO gave to the German media Der Spiegel.

EFF also calls for new privacy measures for Android, Facebook and Twitter

In addition to the privacy measures requested of Apple, EFF showed other demands for other technology companies. This is the case of Google with its operating system Android , to which the organization demands that users can deny and revoke application permissions.

Also Twitter and Facebook got their share of ‘rage’ by being encouraged to stop using users’ phone numbers to send advertising. WhatsApp is required to ask users for permission when they are added to a group, something the developers are already testing.

In any case it seems that the EFF wants to put itself would be with the issue of privacy . It is not in vain that we are recently witnessing some news in which there are scandalous reports about the privacy of large companies such as Facebook. In this way the user will be able to continue moving towards safer navigation , although we already know that this will never be one hundred percent.

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