EasyJet Starts Passbook Testing for Shipping Cards

With the arrival of iOS 6, the Passbook application also arrived. This application allows to digitally store all those cards that we now carry in our wallet (loyalty cards, bank cards, event tickets, etc, etc…) Apple’s idea is very good but, unfortunately, there are few establishments or businesses that accept the cards using Passbook as support.

Surely, as time goes by, more businesses will be added and they will end up accepting Passbook, but, nowadays, those who accept cards from this application are very few. Therefore, seeing news like this makes our day: EasyJet airline has announced that they will start offering support for Passbook on their boarding passes .

EasyJet Starts Passbook Testing for Shipping Cards
EasyJet Starts Passbook Testing for Shipping Cards

The airline has announced that they will accept the Apple application as a method of checking in for their flights shortly after announcing that they will be removing check-in counters at airports. This means that all passengers, without exception, will have to leave home with their boarding pass ready: either printed on paper or in digital form. In a way this is good news, but at the same time it is bad news, as it will possibly mean a few redundancies.

EasyJet announces that it will accept boarding passes through Passbook in some airports

In order to use Passbook as a support for EasyJet boarding pass you will need to install the new version of the company’s app on our iPhone. Of course, it is a free app that, besides giving the possibility to save the boarding cards in Passbook, offers other kind of services such as: buying tickets from the mobile phone, the possibility to visualize the reservations (made by us or by third parties) or the visualization of the next flights we have to take, among other features.

At the moment, the ” mobile boarding system ” is being tested at the airports of: Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nice, London Southend and London Stansted. Although as TUAW says, in case the tests are successful the model will be extended to more airports where the airline operates.

Of course it is great news to see how a great company like EasyJet has bet on Passbook. Like ants, step by step, it seems that the Apple application is starting to be accepted and this gives us hope that, in some time, there will be many ” digital cards ” that we can carry in Passbook and remove them from our wallets.

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