Easily create an Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad

In order to enjoy all the virtues that iCloud offers us and its use, it is necessary that we have an Apple ID . An Apple ID is also required to purchase applications and games on the App Store, as well as to purchase music or movies on iTunes and to use services such as FaceTime or iMessage.

Given the importance of having an Apple ID, if we do not have one we can say that we are wasting part of the potential of the services that Apple offers us , something that would be useful to correct, although it may happen that despite wanting to have an Apple ID, you do not know how, or consider that the difficulty involved in creating one makes it not worthwhile.

Easily create an Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad
Easily create an Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad

So that you can create an Apple ID easily and quickly, today we bring you a guide that will make the creation of one a process as inexpensive as possible in time , so that you can start enjoying all the services that Cupertino’s company makes available to us.

  • First we will go to Settings, in the main screen, and within Settings we will click on iCloud.
  • Once inside iCloud, at the bottom of the screen, we click on the option to get a free Apple ID.
  • From here, we will choose either an email address we already have or an iCloud email address.
  • If we choose iCloud’s, we must enter our first and last name and date of birth, and then our account name followed by @icloud.com. After that, we only have to click on Next and on Create.
  • If we choose the option of an e-mail that we already have, we will only have to enter our password and click on a link to verify that it is indeed our account.
  • To finish, let’s choose the option that we choose, we must create a new password, which as a preventive security measure we recommend to have upper and lower case in addition to numbers.

Once we have successfully followed all these steps, we can move on to enjoy all the services that Apple offers us and where we need to have an ID in order to take advantage of them. If you are unable to complete any of the steps, or have any questions about the creation process, please leave a comment so that we can help you . If you want to change your existing account to another one, we’ve also talked about that, as well as aspects such as changing the country of our Apple ID.

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