EarPods, the new Apple Earphones

Today’s keynote was a success. The iPhone 5, and several models of iPod Touch and iPod Nano have been introduced. In addition, for all of them today we have met a new companion , which is included as standard in their boxes.

These are the EarPods, the new headphones that Apple has been working on for three years. You know, they always say those things but with the apple company it’s mostly true. And they’re quite different from what we had until now.

EarPods, the new Apple Earphones
EarPods, the new Apple Earphones

Well, it turns out that his idea was to design headphones that fit perfectly in each user’s ear . In a similar vein, iTunes head Greg Joswiak said it was like trying to make a shoe for any size of foot. Not an easy task.

The main problems with the previous headphones were the lack of bass, and that the high-pitched sounds seemed quite robotic. Apple has taken care of redesigning the EarPods from scratch so that this won’t happen again.

Making good headphones is not easy. If we want good sound, we’ll almost certainly have to spend more than 100 euros, and we’ll most likely end up buying one of those earphones that cover the ear, quite uncomfortable to put in your pocket or to go for a run.

On the other hand, the small headphones that fit in the ear have to be very well designed not to disturb for hours, and also to give a quality similar to the others.

We can’t wait to test these new EarPods to find out if Apple has hit the jack after three years of redesigning their headphones.

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