Dropbox for iPhone and iPad Upgrades by Adding New Features

Dropbox for iPhone and iPad gets an update on the App Store

The application has been updated by adding very interesting features , among which 3 main improvements stand out: the reorganization of the favorites lists, the possibility to configure the app from the camera and a new option to save the files in the last location.

Dropbox is an application for saving, uploading and downloading files in the cloud. It was one of the first to appear on the App Store and also one of the best. It was followed by OneDrive and Box, among many others. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad and requires having the iOS 7 version installed on the device.

New features in Dropbox for iPad and iPhone

Reorganization of the list of favorites

Dropbox for iPhone and iPad Upgrades by Adding New Features
Dropbox for iPhone and iPad Upgrades by Adding New Features

If you have a lot of files on your Apple mobile device, this feature will be very helpful. The app has a category called Favorites in which you can bookmark your favorite or most important files to keep them close at hand.

Thanks to the new Dropbox function now you can better organize the files in your favorite lists, sorting them in the way that suits you best , by simply holding your finger on the file and moving it to the desired place in the list.

Previously the application sorted the files in the favorites list automatically, now the user has more control over their most relevant files.

Dropbox configuration through QR codes

With this new functionality, the developers of Dropbox intend to make it easier for the user to configure and install the Dropbox software on PC and MAC . So you can now use custom QR codes to link directly to your personal account. A really useful feature.

Once you scan the QR code, with the same camera as your iPad or iPhone, you will have the opportunity to download Dropbox to your computer automatically.

Importing files in the most recent locations

With the last of the three most important functions in this interesting update the app will automatically recognize the last location where you saved your images, videos or documents.

This will save you a lot of time browsing through your folders and you will have the possibility to save and import all your files in one place – great!

In addition to these three improvements the application has also been improved in terms of stability and accessibility , as many bugs and minor bugs have been fixed.

New in Dropbox version 3.2

  • To rearrange your favorite list, simply press and hold your finger.
  • Configure Dropbox on your computer through your camera.
  • Dropbox now remembers recent locations when importing files.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • Assistance in more languages: Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Thai
  • Multiple error corrections and improved usability.

Download Dropbox for iPhone and iPad

You can download the application from the following link:

What do you think about these new improvements introduced by the Dropbox developers and do you think they will serve to cope with Box and OneDrive? Share this post and give your opinion in the comments, thank you very much!

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