Download and install uTorrent 64-bit on Mac

The uTorrent application is a popular download manager, widely used for large files on the Internet. However, it is an application that still maintains the 32-bit architecture, so in operating systems like MacOS Catalina and later it is not possible to use it. However, there is an alternative 64-bit uTorrent available for Mac computers.

Download uTorrent 64-bit web version

There are some alternatives to uTorrent for Mac, but as not all of them have 64-bit versions. It is therefore worth discussing the option offered by the developers of this application for 64-bit computers. This is none other than the web version, which will require to be installed on the Mac , which is extremely simple.

Download and install uTorrent 64-bit on Mac
Download and install uTorrent 64-bit on Mac

The steps to follow for downloading this version are as follows:

  1. Go to the uTorrent website to download the 64-bit web version.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Click on Continue and follow the rest of the installation instructions.

During the installation of the software you may be asked to enter your Mac password . It is also possible that an error will appear during installation because the software has been downloaded from the internet. To do this, go to System Preferences> Security & Privacy and click on the padlock at the bottom left to activate the box “App Store and Identified Developers”.

Downloading files with uTorrent web

Once you have installed this software, you will see that when you open the application, the browser will automatically open. This is not an error, as we remember that we are talking about the web version of uTorrent. Once in this page it will be extremely easy to download torrent files, since you will even be able to watch a tutorial made by the developers themselves.

The procedure for downloading any such file is similar to that of the application, having to download the torrent file first and store it on your Mac. Once you have done this, you simply go to the web version of uTorrent and click on “Add Torrent” to begin the process. If you get the web in English, you can change the language from the settings wheel at the top right of the screen.

During the time it takes for the file to download, it is important not to close the window , as that would cause the download to be cancelled completely. You can see on the screen how much time is left to finish, as well as how much data has already been downloaded and how much remains. It is important to note that the application icon must be kept open in the dock during the whole process, since it is the connection that the uTorrent web has with your computer in order to

Once it is complete you can click on the folder icon and click on “Show Folder” to open the directory where the file has been stored, this being usually the Downloads folder. You can then move the files to wherever you want and then yes, close the uTorrent Web window.

This way you can download any heavy torrent file to your Mac, regardless of whether it’s upgraded to a Catalina or later version.

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