downgrade iOS 13 with dr.fone for Mac Windows

When Apple prepares the release of a new version of iOS we are tempted to test the different betas that are being launched for testing purposes, and this has been the case recently with iOS 13, which will presumably be released in September. Doing so, however, is quite an adventure, since as test versions tend to give quite a few bugs: applications that don’t run, excessive battery consumption, untranslated text from English… In short, we have the disadvantage of having the iPhone or iPad in not very good conditions to be able to use it.

What to do in these cases? The logical thing to do is to move from that version to a previous one and make it stable, like the last one of iOS 12, leaving the experiments for another time. The problem is that, in addition to the time spent, we often lose a lot of data, because some users have not made the relevant backup, or the backup is too old. Is there any possibility to go back to that version in a simple way and without using iTunes?

downgrade iOS 13 with dr.fone for Mac Windows
downgrade iOS 13 with dr.fone for Mac Windows

Downgrading can be tedious.

dr.fone makes the difficult easy

This is a software for Mac, but we can also find it for Windows, with which we can solve the most common problems that happen in iOS , like the operating system not responding, the repair of errors, blockages, that you can not leave the DFU mode, and of course, to be able to do downgrade from a beta version of iOS to a stable one. Magic? No, it’s the result of top-notch development and programming work that makes your Apple device look like day one, free of bugs and errors.

Thanks to dr.fone, we can venture to install trial versions of iOS on our devices, without fear of losing any data if we want to go back so this is a software that you can use comfortably and that avoids the cumbersome iTunes, difficult to use and that is not a very friendly program, even for the most die-hard defenders of the apple bite.

What does dr.fone software offer me?

It is a very complete program, thanks to which we will give solution to the most common problems when working with iOS. What are these problems that dr.fone can help me with?

  • Fix startup problems, such as not exiting the display side, or looping restarts.
  • Repair serious problems on your device without losing any data.
  • Make a backup and restore it. It is the ultimate recovery tool.
  • Downgrade iOS from one version to another. You can venture out without fear, now you don’t take any risks.
  • Wipe your device’s data, ideal when you sell it and want to deliver it spotlessly.
  • Fixing locking problems, very useful if you have forgotten your password.
  • Copy data from one device to another.
  • It replaces iTunes, which is capable of transferring files between your computer and your iOS device. With dr.fone, you’re sure to forget about that program forever.

A clean interface.

Having a tool of these characteristics is a luxury, because although iOS is a very stable system, it has a problem and that is none other than not being able to solve software problems easily. Being a closed operating system developed by the device manufacturer itself, less advanced users may encounter all sorts of difficulties in getting it to work again.

We have to think that dr.fone can save us some visits to the technical service or to some specialized commerce in these necessities. Simply download the software to your computer, launch the application and have your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connected via the cable to your computer. The detection is done automatically, and we find a very friendly interface, where there is no possibility of errors and in which, we go directly to the option we want to use. It is so simple to use that anyone, even if they don’t have advanced knowledge in software, can perform the operations without risk. It has never been so simple!

The solution to your problems in iOS.

So, if the desire to test the new iOS 13 beta version is greater than your fears, you can now venture with dr.fone, because you won’t take unnecessary risks and if there is something we don’t like, we can go back quickly, without data loss and without having to spend a lot of time. Don’t be afraid of possible errors in the trial versions and know before anyone else what they can offer you. With dr.fone for Mac and Windows we eliminate the uncertainties, installation problems, and errors that occur in iOS and make our device go perfect every time, just like it was taken out of its box. Do you want to check it out?

10 dr.fone licenses are given away

You can now take advantage of the promotion because dr.fone is now giving away 10 licenses of the iOS Systema Recovery tool. Download it for free and you could be one of the winners.

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