Do you need technical support from Apple? Here is a list of all the authorized stores in Spain

For several years now, Apple users have had official stores to go to when our equipment fails, needs repair or we must make use of our warranty . However, getting an appointment at one of these stores is often complicated in certain cities and on certain dates. A clear example is big cities like Madrid or Barcelona.

As an Apple device user, there is an alternative that we do not always consider. And that’s the Apple-authorized stores. They do repairs with official parts and have the same warranty as a company store . But in addition, they have something that the official ones lack: availability. If your thing is not a return of a product and you need technical support on Apple products, here we bring you a list with all the authorized stores.

Apple repair stores in Galicia

  • La Coruña: Repairs and Services Play, Simón Bolivar street 35 Local 4.
  • Vigo: As computer, street Puerta del Sol 9.
  • Orense: As computer, 16 Curroz Enriquez Street.
  • Santiago de Compostela: As computer, Avenida Barcelona 4 -Local 2.

Apple repair stores in Asturias

  • Oviedo: Intecat iStore, 2 Nueve de Mayo Street.
  • Gijón: Intecat iStore, calle Moros 21.

Apple repair stores in the Basque Country

  • Bilbao: Masrepair, 5 Santiago Brouard Street.
  • Vitoria: Idenda, Prado street 8.
  • San Sebastian: Sicos Lab, San Martin street 9 Bajo.

Apple repair stores in Navarra

  • Pamplona: Infotec, calle Sadar 10 bajo.

Apple repair stores in Aragon

  • Zaragoza: Asseco Spain, 28 Bari Street, Nave B.
  • Zaragoza: Consultis Innovation and New Technologies, Avenida de Goya 64.

Apple repair stores in Catalonia

  • Barcelona: Microgestió, Carrer València 87-89.
  • Reus: Gestiomatica, plaça del Victor 7.

  • Tarragona: Mercor, avinguda Prat de La Riba 15.
  • Tarrasa: Rule of 3::terrassa, Jaume Cantarer 1 Bis.

  • Sant Cugat del Vallés: Microgestio, 13 Santiago Rusiñol Street.
  • Cornellà de Llobregat: Arima Informatica, Lasarte 8 Bajo.
  • Girona: Microgestió, Ronda Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 25.

Apple repair stores in Valencia

  • Castellón de la Plana: Rossellimac, Calle Ruiz Zorrilla 14-16.
  • Valencia: Masrepair, Doctor Zamenhoff Street 23.
  • Valencia: Quartcom Telecomunicaciones, Pasaje Ventura Feliu 19 Bajo.
  • Alicante: Quartcom Telecomunicaciones, Portugal street 33.

Apple repair stores in Murcia

  • Murcia: DTP, Doctor Julio López Ambit Street 9.
  • Murcia: Quartcom Telecomunicaciones, calle Vicente Cano Altares 15 Bajo.

Apple repair stores in Madrid

  • Madrid: Compolaser, CC Monteprincipe Local 15-1.
  • Madrid: Universe10, Paseo Tierra de Melide 25.

  • Madrid: Universomac, calle General Varela 38.
  • Madrid: Masrepair, Antonia Dominguez street 5.
  • Madrid: Abascalmac, 13 José Abascal Street.
  • Madrid: Macvb, calle Jorge Juan 57.

  • Madrid: Universomac, 15 Coslada Street.
  • Madrid: iFixrapid, Calle del Corazón de María 5.
  • Do you need technical support from Apple? Here is a list of all the authorized stores in Spain
    Do you need technical support from Apple? Here is a list of all the authorized stores in Spain

    Warren R.M. Stuart.

    En Apple
    San Sebastian de los Reyes: Rossellimac, CC Plaza Norte 2, Avenida del Juncal 15-17 Local B100.

Apple repair stores in Extremadura

  • Cáceres: Mecamac, 12 Arturo Aranguren Street.

Apple repair stores in Albacete

  • Albacete: Quartcom Telecomunicaciones, calle Francisco Pizarro 9 Bajo.

Apple repair stores in Andalusia

  • Almería: Rossellimac, Avenida de La Estación 8 Local 2.
  • Granada: Rossellimac, Alhóndiga street 11.
  • Granada: Rossellimac, Serrallo Shopping Center.
  • Jaén: Rossellimac, Cataluña street 6.
  • Córdoba: Rossellimac, Cruz Conde Street 32.

  • Malaga: Goldenmac, CC Larios.
  • Cadiz: Goldenmac, 21 San Francisco Street.
  • Huelva: Rossellimac, calle Palacio 9.
  • Seville: Masrepair, 23 Kansas City Avenue.

  • Sevilla: Fotiste, Constancia Street 18 A.
  • Seville: Goldenmac, 32 Flota de Indias Avenue.

Apple repair stores in Ceuta

  • Ceuta: Rossellimac, calle Camoens 4.

Apple repair stores in the Balearic Islands

  • Ibiza: Intecat iStore, clle Ignacio Wallis 24 Local 7.
  • Palma de Mallorca: Universomac, Marques de La Fonsanta street 6.

Apple repair stores in the Canary Islands

  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Promac, CC Las Ramblas.
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Apples and 3D, Robayna street 13.


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