Distribution of iOS versions remains stable

Pending the release of the Golden Master version of iOS 7, we can say that the distribution share of the different versions of the Apple mobile operating system has remained stable since last June. Next, we will retrieve the data from the report prepared by the firm Chitika, where we will be able to check what the incidence of the different betas of the renewed system has been.

With only a few hours left before the expected release of the Golden Master version of iOS 7 , and therefore able to check the impact it will have on the distribution quota of Apple’s mobile operating system, we can see what impact its various betas have had.

Distribution of iOS versions remains stable
Distribution of iOS versions remains stable

As the report issued today by the advertising firm Chitika shows, iOS 6 is installed on 92 percent of the iPhone , and on 86 percent of the iPad sold in the United States. iOS 5, for its part, remains in second place with 5 and 13 percent, respectively.

What about iOS 7? Among the tens of millions of iDevices studied last August, the developer versions of the seventh major iOS release accounted for 1 percent of the traffic generated on the iPhone ; a practically negligible percentage if we talk about the traffic generated by the tablet .

As noted in previous company reports, the disparity in iOS 6 adoption among iPhone and iPad users could be explained by the operating system’s feature set: according to analysts, most tablets are often used exclusively on Wi-Fi networks, so advances related to mobile networks do not motivate iPad users.

With the arrival of new generations of iPhone with iOS 7 pre-installed , as well as their simultaneous release to iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 owners, the distribution can be expected to change significantly over the next few weeks – a similar phenomenon to last year’s launch of iOS 6.

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