Disabling iMessage Quick Response

With the arrival of the new iOS 8 the possibility to answer the iMessages , in a very fast way, was enabled. By simply sliding to the left from the locked screen of your iPhone or iPad, you can reply without having to unlock the device. This speeds up the process of replying to a message, but is it safe? We want to show you how to disable the iMessage quick reply , so that no one can reply for you.

Interaction with the notifications that appear on the locked screen of our devices has been an improvement that users have been crying out for from Apple developers . However, there are times when we can’t be sure that we have answered, and it’s good to know how to control this.

Access allowed to notifications

Disabling iMessage Quick Response
Disabling iMessage Quick Response

Actually from the lock screen of our iPhone or iPad we do not have access to all the notifications, at least without unlocking our device, either by code or through the Touch ID. The functions we can control are : Today , Display Notifications , Siri , Passbook and Reply with Message . Any of these settings can be disabled to further control the privacy of our data. The important thing is to know where they are activated or deactivated from.

Disable iMessage Rapid Response

If you occasionally have your iPhone unattended, you should disable this option. Follow these short steps and don’t let anyone answer for you, but remember that they will only be available if you have iOS 8 or higher installed on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to the Settings icon and access your device’s settings.
  2. Now play the Touch ID and code. To enter this submenu you will have to enter the unlock code.
  3. Slide the screen down until you find the Reply With Message button. Set it to Off and you’re done!

How to increase the privacy of our iMessages

But we still have a much more closed configuration. I’m sure that in some business meeting or with friends, you have been sent a message with your mobile phone on the table, and what has happened, that more than one of you has looked out to read what it said . If you don’t want that to happen again, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Play at Notifications.
  3. Now look for Messages and access the submenu.
  4. Now all you have to do is deactivate the button that says View on the locked screen and voilà!

With this setting, your notifications are audio-only because nothing appears on your iPhone screen. We can keep our messages and photos private, even if we don’t create them. Privatize your phone a little more so that no one can read the messages you receive . You’ll also be able to get a little disappointment for some of them while they’re looking at your iPhone screen.

Here you can see how some of the interactive notifications in iOS work:

The truth is that we protect very little of the information we receive and thanks to the guys at iMore, we have learned to further privatize our data, by disabling iMessage’s rapid response . And you, what kind of security do you have set up on your iPhone, and have you never had an answer or a look at your phone? As Tim Cook said, “You don’t have to choose between privacy and security.

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