create mind maps on iPhone, iPad and Mac

If you are a person who loves to organize the ideas you have in mind, it is best to make mind maps . We can resort to making them on paper, but with the variety of applications we can find on the App Store it can be much more productive and visual in the end to make them with our own Mac. In this article we will analyze one of the most interesting applications for making mind maps on the Mac, iPad or iPhone.

All the great projects of our life as a big business start with an initial idea and develop it with many other ideas, but we must be organized and have everything in sight to clear our head. Also if you are a student you will surely like to make outlines for interiority the main concepts that will help you study the subject in general and be able to go much more prepared for the exam. We can resort to websites that make these mind maps, but in the Mac App Store we find a very good application called MindNode 6.

create mind maps on iPhone, iPad and Mac
create mind maps on iPhone, iPad and Mac

This app will allow us to add words, links, images, tasks and even notes to the mind map so that there are no limitations when capturing ideas. In addition, thanks to its quick entry mode you can enter an idea at any time.

You can connect the different ideas in a very personalized way with different colors and also very different folding branches so that from the same idea many others can come out. In the end you command on the mind map and you will always do it to your liking. More than 260 handmade stickers are included as well as vertical or horizontal distributions.

When many open branches on the mind map can be focused on a particular one with the detail mode, and if you are a person who works better at night, MindNote 6 is compatible with the dark mode of the operating system.

And of course, all the work you do can be stored in iCloud so you can take it with you even if you change computers. In addition to the Mac, this application is available on both the iPhone and the iPad , so the mind maps you make on the iPad will be available on all other computers. This means that wherever we are, we can take out our mobile and add an idea quickly and then organize it on the iPad or Mac in a much more comfortable way.

This application allows you in its free version to view documents and share them. But if you really want to get into mind mapping we recommend you try out its 2 week trial version and then think about whether or not it’s worth buying the full version.

Without a doubt, this is an ideal app for students and entrepreneurs looking to innovate in their respective areas. You can download this application from the Mac App Store here or from the App Store on iPhone and iPad here.

DownloadQR-CodeMindNode – Mind MapDeveloper: IdeasOnCanvas GmbHPrice: Free

Leave us in the comment box what you think of MindNode 6, do you do mind mapping in your daily life?

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