Control your mobile data usage when using Apple Music

After the appearance of Apple Music at the end of last June, of which you were already informed through our article at the time, all music lovers with a device updated to iOS 8.4, we were able to verify that the Music application offered us, to the pleasant surprise of all of us, three months of free trial of the service . Surely, if you are reading this, you are among the long list of users who have already begun to enjoy Apple Music.

But logically, being able to count on this service, implies the existence of a great data traffic with Apple’s servers to be able to listen in streaming our own songs stored in the iCloud music library, to listen live to Beats 1, Apple’s radio that broadcasts songs from several cities around the world, or to have access to millions of songs from the music catalogue that the company has managed to achieve after the agreements with the main world record companies.

Control your mobile data usage when using Apple Music
Control your mobile data usage when using Apple Music

Most of the rates that we contract with the operators, do not have unlimited data consumption, which can become a problem if we do not have the precaution to control their spending. Nevertheless, we offer you a few tips and tricks to keep an eye on this aspect.

  • Download your favorite music to your device instead of streaming it. If you’re going on a long trip and won’t be able to stay connected via Wi-Fi, downloading music tracks should be your best option. In iMore they offer a small tutorial to make this action correctly.
  • Make sure you are under the Wi-Fi coverage of your router’s access point or another point you can connect to. To check if you are enjoying Apple Music via this type of connection, check that the Apple Music symbol is visible at the top of your device screen, replacing your carrier’s mobile network coverage symbol. You can also check this aspect in the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad, which you can access by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Similarly, you can download your favorite Beats 1 programs and then listen to them offline. To do this, in the Apple music application, click on the Radio tab and click on the Beats 1 icon. Finally, when you click on the suspension points icon, you will see, among other options, that the music is available offline.
  • Disable automatic downloads. On our IOS-enabled device, go to Settings, select the iTunes Store and App Store section, and turn off automatic downloads for music.
  • If you want to be sure that Apple Music has full control over how the network is accessed, you can choose not to use the mobile data rate by selecting this option in the settings section, which can be found under Settings , iTunes Store and App Store , Use mobile data.

With these tips provided by iMore, we are sure that Apple Music will not end up with our contracted mobile data plan , and all this, without giving up the entire collection of good music offered by Apple anywhere. If you are an Apple Music user, you may be interested in knowing the differences in sound quality compared to other music services such as Spotify or Tidal, something we detailed in our comparison of a few days ago.

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