Control your expenses and improve your finances with Mooverang

Today we present Mooverang, a free application that aims to revolutionize the financial and personal economy management of iOS and Android users.

Mooverang is compatible with all iPhone and iPad models with iOS 6 or later and will allow us to organise our bank accounts and cards with total ease. Want to find out more about this great app?

Mooverang and its compatibility with more than 40 financial institutions

Control your expenses and improve your finances with Mooverang
Control your expenses and improve your finances with Mooverang

Mooverang has been developed by a team associated with OCU , a company expert in providing tools that facilitate decisions to users.

Thanks to the app we will be able to include all types of current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards whatever our bank is, since the application is compatible with more than 40 financial institutions (Banco Popular, Ibercaja, Unicaja, Banco Santander, Bankia, ING Direct, BBVA…).

In addition, Mooverang has advanced security and data protection techniques that will guarantee us a level of security equivalent to that of online banks.

What makes Mooverang different from other similar apps?

Firstly, the user interface of the application is really intuitive, which will allow us to explore its contents and sections in a really simple way . Mooverang offers us the possibility to plan our budgets and finances to better organize our economy.

Mooverang’s planned budget is automatically calculated based on our income, expenses and savings . But that’s not all, the application also offers a smart engine that allows us to find all our transactions.

The more we use the app, the more you will learn about the categorization of our transactions. But Mooverang offers other advantages, and that is that apart from being a free application, it doesn’t have any kind of advertising and in its last update it will allow us to earn money with our purchases.

Deals: How to make money from our purchases

Yes, yes, you read it right, dear readers, with Mooverang we can absorb all our expenses when making our purchases. How does it work? Through a cash refund system available in more than 200 online shops .

Some of the establishments included in the Mooverang Offers function are Fnac, Atrapalo, Vueling or Springfield. Without a doubt, it is everyone’s dream to get some of the money back for their purchases.

The service will allow us to access refunds that can exceed 10% of the purchase value . This will give us the possibility to count on an average of up to 80 euros per year – almost nothing!

This is Mooverang, an application that will help us save, manage our expenses and improve our financial economy in an easy and secure way.

Mooverang on video

You want to see how it works? Hit play!

What we liked best

  • It is a very classy app, the elegance of its interface design is sublime.
  • It allows us to log in through our Facebook account.
  • It is compatible with more than 40 financial institutions.

Download Mooverang for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

You can get the application for FREE from the following download widget that will link you to its download on Android and iOS:

What do you think of Mooverang’s excellent service? We’ll be waiting for you in the comments!

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