Cómo instalar WhatsApp para PC con BlueStacks App Player

Find out how to install WhatsApp on PCs with BlueStacks App Player

WhatsApp is the instant messaging service par excellence , and despite the fact that it still has several security problems and that there are many very good alternatives such as Telegram or Line, it is still the most used by users around the world. The app is only available for mobile devices, but today we tell you how you can install it on your PC in a very simple way .

From the moment of its arrival, WhatsApp has become a great alternative to classic text messaging, because if we have an Internet connection we can send and receive messages from our contacts completely free of charge. However, one of the features that many users miss in this service is that it is multiplatform , and is that currently we do not have an official application for PC.

Cómo instalar WhatsApp para PC con BlueStacks App Player
Cómo instalar WhatsApp para PC con BlueStacks App Player

There are several ways to open and use WhatsApp on a PC , such as through YouWave, but we can also use other methods such as BlueStacks App Player . The main difference between these two methods is that the second one is completely free, which is to be welcomed. Let’s get started!

How to install BlueStacks App Player to use WhatsApp on your PC

Obviously, to be able to use WhatsApp on our PC the first thing we have to do is install BlueStacks App Player , a program that will allow us to run Android applications from the PC.

To download the program we can do it from this link, execute the file and follow the steps for the installation. Remember that this is an application that runs Android applications on Windows and that full screen use is allowed, although not all applications are supported at the moment. This means that BlueStacks not only allows you to run WhatsApp, but also other applications and games.

BlueStacks App Player’s interface is like the classic interface of an Android device , although instead of using touch gestures we’ll have to use the keyboard and mouse.

Install WhatsApp in BlueStacks App Player

To install WhatsApp on BlueStacks we must go to the top right corner and click on the icon “All Apps” to be able to access the applications. Once there we must click on the default browser and go to the official website of the application to download the application.

Below, BlueStacks displays a message giving us two download options : 1Mobile Market or Google Play Store. If we choose the first option, we don’t need to have a Google account.

As we can see in the screenshot, the 1Mobile Market interface is quite similar to Google Play and has information, screenshots and other details about the application. This is where we will download WhatsApp by clicking on the blue button in the upper left area.

Once the download is complete, the WhatsApp installation screen will appear in BlueStacks App Player just as if we were installing it on a smartphone.

Configuring WhatsApp for the First Time on a PC

When we open WhatsApp for the first time in BlueStacks we have to enter our phone number , although there are some changes in the process as you cannot receive text messages and therefore you will not be able to receive the activation message.

So, once we have entered the number we have to confirm and wait for the colored status bar to complete. Then, a warning message will appear that the SMS verification has failed. At that point we will have to ask for a call that will give us a three digit verification code .

And everything is ready, as the guys at Softonic say, all we have to do is enter a user name and we can start using WhatsApp from the PC just like we do from our smartphone.

Have you installed WhatsApp on a PC? How do you feel about using this great app on your computer? Tell us in the comments!

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