Communication and Telephony without borders with the Beeztel App for iPad

Beeztel iPad

Communication is progressing by leaps and bounds . The way of communicating is being improved with new devices and advances that reduce costs and allow us to be in contact with the people closest to us even when they are far away. One of these advances will make it possible from now on to send text messages (SMS) from the iPad. This service can be achieved by simply installing Beeztel , an app that allows you to call for free or at a very low price on international calls.

Communication and Telephony without borders with the Beeztel App for iPad
Communication and Telephony without borders with the Beeztel App for iPad

The low cost operators are revolutionizing the rates at which the market seemed to have stagnated. A clear example is found in this type of companies that base their service on Voice IP technology. And that’s where a company like Beeztel comes in; which has just published a multiplatform application that can be installed on the iPad and that makes it possible to make calls to any company’s mobile phone, along with other iPads, computers, and even iPods that have the app . In addition, the app has a built-in free call option in case both partners are connected.

To this advantage of the interconnection between devices is now added the possibility of sending SMS to any country in the world at a cost of 0.08 ?. Something that can reduce the phone bill quite a bit.

Beeztel does not work with contracts or permanence . Just download it from the Apple Store and enjoy unlimited, borderless calling and texting. And to top it off, there’s a tool to add free credit. To do this, you need to click on the corresponding option and through application downloads or just watching videos you can get money that will be added directly to your available balance.

Perhaps the biggest surprise that Beeztel offers is the ability for an iPod to make and receive calls. In this way Beeztel can make an iPod Touch have the basic features of an iPhone .

The company’s commitment to continue improving in terms of innovation seems clear. According to what has been published in numerous blogs and specialized forums, it is rumored that this telephony firm could be working on a new interface aimed at improving its usability, which will also include a new feature: the chat.

VoIP, SMS, multiplatform , are some of the key concepts on which this low cost is based to revolutionize the telephony market. An intelligent service that seeks to occupy all areas and channels offered by the latest generation of smartphones and computers. Applications available for Mac desktop, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and through which we can connect all these terminals to each other.

Of course this condition does not exclude that we can contact Android, Windows or Ubuntu systems. With the Beeztel app you universalize the way you communicate so that you are always available. It certainly doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Now available on the App Store:

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