ComicFlow, fantastic digital comic book reader for iPad

The App Store has a good number of comic book readers and other digital publications for the iPad but ComicFlow is definitely the best alternative. ComicFlow (enlace App Store)

ComicFlow more than fulfills its purpose of providing the best experience for comic book fans with great collections and offers a very simple but effective interface that dispenses with any distractions. When we open the application we find the comics organized by name and we can classify them by series, date or status: new (pending reading), with marker (half read) or read. Clicking on any of them we open them to start reading them (from the beginning with the new ones or continuing where we were with the others) and keeping pressed on its cover we change its state.

ComicFlow, fantastic digital comic book reader for iPad
ComicFlow, fantastic digital comic book reader for iPad

Applications such as Comic Zeal Comic Reader (5.95 euros) show that ComicFlow still has room for improvement, allowing us to organize our collection directly or adding support for services such as DropBox to view the shared documents in our account, but its beginnings could not be more promising and I consider it a must on the iPad of every self-respecting fan.

Although the application supports the WebDAV protocol and allows us to import new comics in the background, the best option to copy our comics into ComicFlow to read them comfortably on the iPad is to use an application like iPhone Explorer that allows us to directly access the file system of the iPad and transfer them via the USB cable. WebDAV is absurdly slow via WiFi and although the “Shared Documents” option in iTunes works very well, it only allows us to manage single files and not folders (and it is precisely the folders that allow us to group the comics into collections within the application).

So, as I say, the fastest and most flexible system is to download iPhone Explorer (or similar), connect the iPad to the computer via the cable and copy the comics to the Apps ComicFlow Documents folder. For optimal organization, group each collection (Spiderman, Gantz, One Piece…) within a folder with the name of the series, leaving only the one-shot and other unique volumes loose. After that, we updated the library in ComicFlow to reflect the changes and that’s it, let’s read!

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