Coda, web editor + panic FTP

The panic people keep bringing out quality software for our Mac OS X. After hits like Transmit, Candybar or Stattoo

Twitterrific, comes to us now Coda , a very strong bet of the company to join under the same program a powerful text editor and a powerful FTP client , so that editing our web resources is a breeze. Also with a very careful interface that is a sign of identity of the company.

Coda, web editor + panic FTP
Coda, web editor + panic FTP

Coda has the same functionality as Transmit in terms of managing FTP , plus it incorporates a powerful text editor into TextMate, with capabilities to help us develop different languages like HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and SQL both in syntax coloring and auto-completion, but it also allows us to see basic manuals of PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript, although it is foreseeable that more manuals will be added later, such as Ruby, AJAX and other languages.

And it doesn’t end here, you also have Terminal connection by SSH to our server and a preview of our site locally using various rendering engines. A very complete program, although a bit expensive, $79 is worth the invention at the moment , but you have 14 days to try it out if you are convinced and after the launch offer it will be worth a whopping $99, is it worth it? judge for yourself.


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