Clean inside and clean outside. Keep your Mac like the first day

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We care about keeping our Mac “clean” of applications that we no longer use, files that are not essential to us, as well as other aspects of the system (cache, temporary files, etc). But few users care about the actual cleanliness of their Mac. It’s not a matter of testing the cotton every day but, I don’t know about you, I like to keep it in good condition.

Clean inside and clean outside. Keep your Mac like the first day
Clean inside and clean outside. Keep your Mac like the first day

Cleaning a Mac or any other electronic device is not complicated at all. You don’t have to take a course or follow strict instructions. All we need is a microfiber cloth (which doesn’t release lint) and some non-abrasive liquid, sometimes even a little distilled water will do. I’ll tell you how I keep my equipment ready to be reviewed.

Cleaning the screen

Now that the equipment includes a glass filter in front of the screen, cleaning it is very easy. Normally I just use a cloth to remove the dust that accumulates. On the iMac, on MacBook Air, I use a soft brush to remove dust from the edges of the screen.

If we opt for some liquid in most distributors we will be able to find iKlear, possibly of the best known. But also other manufacturers offer solutions. The important thing is that it does not contain any components that could be abrasive.

When using the liquid we slightly wet the cloth, we clean the screen removing possible prints, dust or any stains. Then, with the dry part of the cloth, we remove any possible humidity.

Keyboard and trackpad

I use the same liquid as for the screen to clean the trackpad. I’m already more careful with the keyboard. Mostly because once the liquid got inside and ended up spoiling the R key. Never spray on the keyboard, always on the chamois and just the right thing.

Although there are some accessories to clean between keys, I mess the chamois on my finger and calmly and patiently clean key by key. Then I slowly clean the gap between the keys.


The iMac just wiped the dust off. MacBook Air gets dirtier if you hold it in your hands, so I moisten the cloth a little and clean the outside. Always leave one cloth for the screen and one cloth for the keyboard and exterior.

What about you? How do you keep your Mac, iPad or iPhone?


You know how I feel about maintenance tools. I’m not saying that they are not used, but little by little I have gotten used to not doing it and my equipment works as well as it did the first day. There are just a few considerations.

But removing the cache or temporary files does not affect the operation of the system at all. A good option for this is Broom. Very easy and safe.

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