Chicfy, always in fashion with this application for your iPhone

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Chicfy, always in fashion with this application for your iPhone
Chicfy, always in fashion with this application for your iPhone

At a time, the current more specifically, in which everything we can imagine with regard to the consumption of all types of products, we can find at the click of a button, and very easily, the number of applications that have emerged around phenomena such as buying or selling, is enormous , giving the user of mobile devices many more possibilities when making a decision and choose the most desired product for it.

And of course, as it could not be otherwise, the buying and selling online of clothes and everything related to fashion, taking into account the importance of image and appearance today , has become one of the most booming sectors of e-commerce. It is here, in the sector of buying and selling clothes, specifically women’s clothing, that Chicfy finds its site.

With the set of users of Chicfy, it is formed a species of great market of clothes , in which we can have the paper as much of seller, being able to give exit to that clothes that we do not use and thus to evacuate our closet of clothes that we do not have the intention to return to use, besides to recover part of the investment that we did in the same one, and of buyer, being able to acquire any model that of first we seem attractive.

One aspect to highlight of Chicfy, is that you can sell what you want and you only must dedicate yourself to mark the price , since so much the order, the deal with the company of messenger company, etc; it is realized from the own application. On the other hand, at the time of charging, you receive monthly the amount of money that you have obtained of the sales, doing that the process as much of acquisition as of sale happens through Chicfy , which provides a quite important plus to us of security.

All the clothes and other things we can find in Chicfy, come from other girls who sell and buy in the same conditions as you could. You can search for your favorite clothes by size, color or category for example and of course you can find most of your favorite brands due to the breadth of Chicfy’s community.

In short, Chicfy is a community in a period of expansion, in which a large number of girls already sell and buy clothes and other accessories, and in which you can find everything from used clothes, to almost new clothes, and even clothes with the labels still on and that are unreleased. If you want to be always on the cutting edge, get rid of those clothes you never wear to free up space in your wardrobe, and also improve the balance of your pocket, Chicfy is definitely the app for you .

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