Chartcube for iPad, iPad Air and Mini: Data Analysis App

Chartcube, one of the best data analysis applications for iPad, iPad Air and Mini

Do you want to know all the data and statistics of your company ? Doesn’t your spreadsheet software convince you? Today is your lucky day, because a new productivity analysis application has been launched on the App Store . Its name? Chartcube.

Chartcube allows us to analyze, share, explore and share data and statistics in an easy, simple and fun way. In addition, we won’t need any knowledge of Excel or complicated spreadsheets, as the app has proved to be very intuitive.

A design inspired by simplicity and intuition

Chartcube for iPad, iPad Air and Mini: Data Analysis App
Chartcube for iPad, iPad Air and Mini: Data Analysis App

Before starting with the development of the application, the Chartcube team thoroughly researched how best to meet the companies’ objectives by looking at apps such as Evernote, Dropbox or Gmail. The result was fabulous; a perfect combination of Powerpoint and Excel.

Let’s talk now about its user interface, one of the most interesting and revealing aspects of the application, since thanks to its appearance you can sense its great elegance and potential . It is clean, clear, well organized and what is most remarkable… its design is aesthetically very visual.

How Chartcube for iPad works

It uses powerful algorithms that allow us to analyze the content of the 9 spreadsheets and create combinations of statistical data graphs , organized in a very creative (and efficient) way, since the results are shown in “cubic” form. This cube will offer us the possibility of navigating through the content using tactile gestures in a very simple and fast way.

The iPad app processes spreadsheets with any other type of data in table form. In addition, users can open a file from the cloud (Box, Dropbox…) or directly from the email. But this is not all, and is that with the app we can interact with each of the graphs by pressing to obtain more specific data.

Finally, Chartcube gives us the opportunity to add comments to the graphics or share and discuss their contents with the rest of our team, so we can save a lot of time and make decisions in a matter of seconds.

An analytical journalist from Forbes magazine described it with this creative play on words:

What we liked best about Chartcube

  • The exceptional design of its user interface, simplified, elegant and minimalist.
  • The ease with which we can control all the data and statistics of our company
  • Interaction by means of “taps” and tactile gestures on each of the bars of the graphs.

What we liked least about Chartcube

  • It would be very interesting to add an option to share the graphs on LinkedIn.

Chartcube video

Find out more about this interesting application for iPhone and iPad thanks to its hilarious video presentation:

Download Chartcube

You can get the app 100% free from the following download widget:

Have you had a chance to analyze data in Chartcube ? What do you think about the app? We love it! As the app’s developers like to say; some like to share images on Instagram, and we like to share data.

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