CarPlay will allow to set wallpapers thanks to iOS 14, according to 9to5Mac


Respecto a CarPlay, el sistema para vehículos ya incorporó varias novedades con iOS 13, pero seguirá mejorando con iOS 14. Parece ser que la próxima gran actualización de software para iPhone introducirá una mejor gestión de los fondos de pantalla, así como la opción de establecer uno personalizado en CarPlay.

CarPlay will allow to set wallpapers thanks to iOS 14, according to 9to5Mac
CarPlay will allow to set wallpapers thanks to iOS 14, according to 9to5Mac

En AppleGuía de compra de radios con CarPlay (2019): 8 modelos para montar en tu coche

A día de hoy, la pantalla principal de CarPlay recuerda a la de las primeras versiones de iOS: iconos de aplicaciones sobre un fondo negro . Empero, esto cambiará en un futuro, y Apple ya está realizando pruebas con los fondos de pantalla oficiales de iOS 13, que también cambian automáticamente entre las versiones del modo claro y el modo oscuro.

iOS 14 will be the next major operating system update for Apple smartphones and MP4 players. It will be announced at WWDC 2020 , an event that, due to circumstances, this year will not be in person, but online. In addition, it will be the version that comes standard with new devices such as the “iPhone 12”, a terminal that would implement compatibility with 5G networks and a redesign.

Not much is known about what iOS 14 will look like. There are some rumors about features and functions it will include, such as AliPay support on Apple Pay, accessibility improvements, or integration of the contests Shot on iPhone with the Photos application. However, there is nothing official, and you will have to wait until the presentation to discover all its secrets. Until then, 9to5Mac believes that it will allow you to set wallpapers on CarPlay.

The guys at 9to5Mac have found evidence in the iOS 14 code with references to the Maps application. In the future, Apple’s navigation service will add more details on the Apple Store and availability details on device repair. As of today, the information displayed in the company’s stores is the address, phone number, and Today at Apple sessions.

Based on this discovery, users will have the ability to check the availability of services provided by the Genius Bar in each Apple Store directly from the Maps application, as well as which stores offer same-day screen repair and battery replacement.

Concept of how CarPlay would look with wallpaper

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