Calibrating the iPhone’s Home Button

The Home button on our iPhone receives the most use, which can cause it to malfunction over time. Before sending it in for repair, we can try to recalibrate it with these simple steps.

The iPhone is a phone conceived and designed to remove any physical buttons , except for the volume, lock and home button, by replacing the buttons hang up, call, send, accept , etc. on touch controls located on the device’s screen.

Calibrating the iPhone’s Home Button
Calibrating the iPhone’s Home Button

Of all the physical buttons, the one that receives the most use is undoubtedly the Home button , which has the function of returning us to the main iOS screen, also called Springboard. In addition, with the arrival of multitasking on the Apple phone its use was increased notably, as it gives us access to the open application bar by double clicking on it quickly.

All this makes the button start to fail over time, which can make us think that it is a hardware failure, when in fact it can be a calibration failure .

To calibrate the button, simply gently press the lock button until the slide control appears. Then, and without releasing the lock button , we will hold down the button Home until we return to the Springboard .

At this point, we must check whether our problem has been solved or whether it is a hardware problem, thus requiring the intervention of Apple’s technical service (using the warranty if it is still in force).

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