Calibrating iPhone Battery and Improving Battery Life

One of the biggest problems with today’s mobile phones is battery life. It is usually quite short and considering that smartphones are used for more and more things, one charge may be insufficient for a whole day. In addition, batteries lose effectiveness over time and the more charging cycles they complete, the less autonomy they provide. Luckily there are some tricks we can follow to improve the performance of the batteries and one of them is to calibrate it, since due to continuous use the actual charge and the information it provides to the phone can vary.

Like any other smartphone battery, an iPhone battery suffers from this type of problem and must be calibrated from time to time. Apple recommends doing this at least once a month, although because it’s a fairly long process it’s logical that many of us do it only sporadically. Even so, you should keep this in mind and repeat this process whenever possible as our friends at Esferaiphone tell us, you’ll notice the difference.

Steps for calibrating an iPhone battery

Calibrating iPhone Battery and Improving Battery Life
Calibrating iPhone Battery and Improving Battery Life

With each charge cycle, the difference between the actual battery charge and the one the device recognizes varies. This is very annoying and can reduce the autonomy of the smartphone, when it could really continue to work. The problem is that the actual battery charge does not match the one shown on the phone’s screen, so calibrating it from time to time is so important.

To calibrate your iPhone battery, follow these simple steps:

  • Charge your iPhone 100%.
  • Use it until the battery runs out and the smartphone automatically turns off.
  • Leave it off for about 6 to 8 hours.
  • Charge it for another 6 to 8 hours. We recommend that you do not use your iPhone while it is charging, so that calibration will be more accurate.
  • After a few hours, restart the device by pressing and holding the Home + Sleep buttons at the same time.

Once these steps have been completed, the iPhone’s battery will be calibrated and the overall autonomy could be improved (depending on how ” uncalibrated ” it is). As I was saying, the process is quite long and it takes at least 16 hours to perform all the steps. Can you live so many hours without your iPhone? and can you do it once a month?

Of course, this procedure can also be followed with the Apple tablet, the iPad, and these other tips can help you improve its performance even more.

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