, te compran tu iPodiPhone roto o usado

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I think it’s a great initiative and it will allow us to get a few dogs for our failed player . They accept all iPod models , of any generation and even of any type (the new touch and classic too) in any state (logically the better the state the better it pays). Also buy damaged or blocked or used iPhones , anything goes. The average price paid for a working iPod is 100 dollars, of course there is a wide variance from 10 dollars up to 330. For those that are broken you can pay up to 200 dollars, all you have to do is send them to Colorado (of course, the shipping costs are at our expense ) and then they will pay us the ipod via paypal or with a check that they will send back to us., te compran tu iPodiPhone roto o usado, te compran tu iPodiPhone roto o usado

And the question now is and what do they do with the iPods? Well, it seems that the broken ones are sold by the piece to third party companies and the used ones are sold to resellers who have an offer of this type of second hand iPods. For my 30 GB iPod Photo with its box and everything as new I get 66 dollars, which is not bad considering that it is a machine that the battery is already a bit loose and it is quite out of date.


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