Boxer, MS-DOS game emulator on your Mac: In Depth


But it’s true. Boxer is an MS-DOS emulator for those games that we could not run in many Windows computers anymore , and that allows in less than a crow to install and sort those games. The execution of the same is done in a window on our desktop, being able to run it at full window size.

Boxer, MS-DOS game emulator on your Mac: In Depth
Boxer, MS-DOS game emulator on your Mac: In Depth

If you are curious to see how it works, you can do it after the jump to all the details in this special entry.

The first thing to mention is that Boxer is based on DOSBox, so the degree of compatibility with games from quite a long time ago is very high. When running the application we will see the following window:

As you can see, we can launch one of the games that we already have installed or one of those that are installed by default, as we will see below, import a new game or access a MS-DOS command window.

The first option will take us to the games we have installed. We can tell you that the game already includes the following titles: Comander Keen 4, Epic Pinball Demo, Ultima Underworld Demo and X-COM Demo, so we can try it out as soon as we download the application.

If we choose one of the games, and click on that window with the mouse, we can use the same, and return at any time to our mac with cmd + mouse click.

As we saw in the first image of the input, it is possible to configure the processor speed, mouse sensitivity and other parameters to make the game experience the best possible. It is also possible to play full screen with cmd+F.

But where Boxer really shines is in game importation. Simply select that option and drag the folder with the game’s executable or .iso image into the application.

Once this is done, we will briefly see an installation screen and then this window if everything went well. As a curiosity, we can put the full name of the game and change the image with which it will appear in our library of games, so that everything is in perfect state of magazine.

When executing it we will have to access the directory where the game is (reminder, dir, cd and other MS-DOS commands work perfectly) and execute the program.

I tried to install Arkanoid II, revenge of Doh, and in no time I was enjoying the game. Boxer is free, easy to use and a great mac experience to emulate MS-DOS games. Recommended.

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