Boinx Fotomagico 3, complete application for the creation of slideshows

FotoMagico 3 is an application with which we can create complete slideshows quickly and easily. The final result is the same that we could achieve if we mixed applications like Keynote or Power Point with iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom.

If you are used to doing frequent slideshows you will surely be interested in knowing all the possibilities that FotoMagico has to offer. Before looking at them we have to point out that there are two versions: one Home and one Pro . This implies some small differences, not in the realization but in export formats as well as advantages to make the presentations.

Boinx Fotomagico 3, complete application for the creation of slideshows
Boinx Fotomagico 3, complete application for the creation of slideshows

The price of the different versions is 29 euros for the Home and 149 for the Pro . Let’s look at the possibilities offered by each of the versions of FotoMagico 3.

Now, focusing on the Pro version, we see that the interface is really simple even for those less used to this kind of applications . To start the application is divided into three parts, the main one shows us the images and displays the presentation, in the lower area we see the “Timeline” or timeline where we see each slide and right all the tools available for editing (add texts, select animation, …), add images from the iPhoto or Lightroom or Aperture libraries (only in the Pro version) and the audio we want to use.

When we add a photograph or image and select it in the timeline, two images will appear with the beginning and end of the animation. In that area we can define the zoom, rotation and initial position and in the right side the same values in its final position, being that period the one established to show the image during that time. Similarly, when we add some element such as a title we can also define the initial and final values.

Another interesting option of FotoMagico 3 is the integration with Quicktime videos, being able to edit the input and output point of this without the need to use an external editor, integration not only with the iPhoto library but also with the Aperture or Lightroom library, numerous export options in high definition formats, such as DVD, You Tube ready or as a Screensaver without forgetting videos optimized for Apple devices (iPod, iPhone, Apple TV).

Also, in the Pro version, we find a function called Teleprompter that allows us to visualize notes we have added to facilitate narration while making the presentation. Something that will be appreciated by those who make constant presentations.

PhotoMagic Remote

FotoMagico Remote is the application for iPhone or iPod Touch with which we can control the slideshows made with FotoMagico, also including the aforementioned Teleprompter function with which to view the notes made to facilitate the voice-over if we are making presentations.

The negative point I see is the price, 15.99 euros for just checking the slideshow. Something excessive in my opinion, considering the tandem account that forms Keynote and Keynote Remote.


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Leaving aside the possibility of doing the same with other programs, the result and operation of FotoMagico make it an interesting program and worthy of testing to better assess. Since I’ve been using it it has convinced me to make the photo passes instead of other applications. Totally recommendable and with a last positive point, the possibility of using Turbo264.HD when creating the final film.


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