Bluetooth LE adds mesh networking to enhance home automation and loT devices

Before we start, we should make several concepts clear.
Bluetooth LE refers to the branching out of this technology based primarily on energy efficiency, i.e. it uses much less battery power as far as our devices are concerned.

Secondly, loT devices are those found in the technological framework of the Internet of Things; this concept refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet.

Bluetooth LE and Mesh, the future of networking between devices

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Bluetooth LE adds mesh networking to enhance home automation and loT devices
Bluetooth LE adds mesh networking to enhance home automation and loT devices

Bluetooth is adding, as we said in the title of the post, support for a new specification or network automation, which will improve the interconnection of devices with Bluetooth LE through various categories.

This news has been announced today through a press release by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has said that the mesh network they have worked on would provide a more reliable solution for home automation devices, sensor networks and other loT devices. This enhancement or new specification comes to meet numerous requests from companies associated with this interest group and, as good news, will be available from today for use and implementation in devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 LE or higher.

What does this new mesh capacity allow?

Mainly, this new mesh capacity allows to communicate a multitude of devices giving a long distance coverage with wireless connection, a fact that we could not even achieve with a point to point connection.

This function is ideal for building automation, sensor networks and other applications where hundreds or thousands of devices are interconnected and need the most secure and stable connection possible.

This new system will be a new stimulus for home automation manufacturers, who will be able to interconnect a multitude of devices that are at long distances from each other by means of a wireless connection, thus managing to create much more intelligent buildings.

Fulham Lighting Company, one of several companies that make up the GIS, has said that Bluetooh Mesh and Bluetooth LE will greatly expand the size and functionality of the wireless lighting control market.
Finally, the Bluetooth SIG has indicated that it expects to see products using this new functionality in a timeframe of less than 6 months, since manufacturers would have the ability to add support to their devices only through a software update.

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