Best role-playing games for iPhone and iPad

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José Alberto Lizana

Best role-playing games for iPhone and iPad
Best role-playing games for iPhone and iPad

Posted on November 19, 2019 – 12:57

If you like to decide on the history of games and write your own, then RPGs are definitely for you. In iPhone and iPad you can find many games of this category, both paid and free, where you take control of the story that the developer has designed for you or simply enjoy it. In this article we will try to compile the best role-playing games for iPhone and iPad.

Oceanhorn, a story that will take you around the world

One fine morning you wake up and find a letter from your father saying he’s gone away and you don’t know where. That’s how the story of this game begins. It will give us up to 10 hours of fun set to music that has caught our attention. You will have the mission to explore several islands and seas where no one has ever gone before, facing the enemies you meet in your path with magic and ingenuity. In the end, you will have to reveal the mysteries of Arcadia and the sea monster Oceanhorn.

DownloadQR-CodeOceanhorn ™Developer: FDG Mobile Games GbRPrice: 8.99

Star Wars: KOTOR

If you are a lover of the Star Wars saga, this game is definitely for you. You start by creating your character to your personal taste and can be a more stealthy or totally aggressive person who is not afraid of anything. In the story told by the game, we will travel all over the galaxy visiting iconic sites of the saga such as Tattoine’s canteen. The story takes place 4000 years before the Galactic Empire and you must be able to control the power of the force without falling into the dark side but keeping in mind that all decisions will have an important weight in the story.

DownloadQR-CodeStar Wars™: KOTORDeveloper: Aspyr Media, Inc.Price: 10.99

Stardew Valley, Beyond a Game of Farms

Although at first glance, Stardew Valley is a farm game, the truth is that there is much more to it. We have a tremendously interesting story behind it and some gameplay mechanics that undoubtedly are addictive for many people. We have the possibility of interacting with the village, dealing with witches, rescuing an old village museum… It doesn’t lack the fighting mechanics either as we can fight in this game that is available for both iPhone and iPad.

DownloadQR-CodeStardew ValleyDeveloper: Chucklefish LimitedPrice: 8.99

The Bard’s Tale, one of the best RPGs for iOS

If you are looking for a 3D RPG that tells you an amazing story this is definitely your ideal game. The plot around the main character ends up hooking you and you have many different objects as well as the possibility to interact with many people and make decisions that can affect the course of the story. We have more than 50 achievements, more than a dozen enemies in the form of bosses and a large undiscovered world full of rivers, castles, towers, dungeons…

DownloadQR-CodeThe Bard’s TaleDeveloper: inXile EntertainmentPrice: 3.49

Rogue Hearts, the best fantasy role-playing game on the App Store

In this role-playing game, you must bring out your more strategic side in order to face all the enemies who will be cutting you off in your path. We must explore a multitude of dungeons and regions that will be generated at random, forcing us to always be connected to the Internet to play. The game is in English although if this is not an inconvenience for you, no doubt you will enjoy it a lot because of the story that reminds us of the classic role-playing games.

DownloadQR-CodeRogue HeartsDeveloper: NINETAIL Co., LtdPrice: 1.09

Doom & Destiny

A game that has been evolving in the right way as it will undoubtedly give us very good afternoon entertainment. It’s true that it doesn’t have 3D graphics, but the truth is that the graphics that we find in this game are quite funny because it reminds us of games from several years ago. It has several initial characters so that we can enjoy the experience in our own way and it promises us up to 20 hours of history and another 20 hours of extra adventure and exploration. It has several expansions in the App Store to further extend our experience, and it does not have any purchases within the application.

DownloadQR-CodeDoom and DestinyDeveloper: HeartBit Interactive S.r.l.Price: 3.49

To The Moon, a game that will make you fall in love with its story

This is a game based on a story with a pixel graphic that tells the experience of two doctors who go back through the memories of a dying man in order to artificially fulfill his last wish. Although it does not include any kind of combat system, we can enjoy an inverse story that we can play both on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV . We believe that it is worth playing this very award-winning video game to live what it wants to convey to us.

DownloadQR-CodeTo the MoonDeveloper: X.D. Network Inc.Price: 5.49

Transistor, a science fiction story you’ll love

If you are a science fiction lover, in this game you will wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin in order to fight across a futuristic city perfectly designed. You can combine many mechanics so that the story catches up with you and you can use numerous combinations of functions to overcome obstacles. This is a game that is available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

DownloadQR-CodeTransistorDeveloper: Supergiant Games, LLCPrice: 5.49

Evoland 2, the game that will make you remember your childhood

If in your childhood you played many games every day, with this game you will embark on a 20-hour story where you will find funny references to other classic games. It’s a mix of many different genres including Role Playing, also going through different types of graphics as we go from 2D to 3D in a blink of an eye, or also going to an incredible shooter mode. Without a doubt this game combines all the good things of the videogame world and will make us remember very good moments. Evoland 2 is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and we recommend you give it a try because it won’t let you down.

DownloadQR-CodeEvoland 2Developer: PlaydigiousPrice: 4.49

Beholder, a game of moral decisions

You live in a totalitarian state that controls every aspect of public and private life. Your job is to be a janitor of a building but in reality you work for the state that has given you the mission of spying on the conversations that the tenants have. If you detect something that compromises the state, you will have to decide whether to denounce it or not, and the truth is that your morals play an important role here. Would you be able to condemn someone?

DownloadQR-CodeBeholderDeveloper: Creative MobilePrice: 5.49

And you, what is your favorite role-playing game for iPhone and iPad?

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