Best Apple gadgets of the decade according to Times

Believe it or not, we are coming to the end of a decade that has been marked by a multitude of technological launches that have evolved over time. That’s why Time magazine has decided to make a ranking with the ten most important gadgets of this decade that began in 2010, and Apple has managed to have a presence with several of its products.

In this list the main companies of the sector are represented, such as Google, Microsoft and Apple itself . However, it should be noted that the only company that has been repeated is Apple, which is a great indication of the importance of its launches in recent years, which have marked a whole decade. This list is important to mention that it is not listed but rather Time defends that it is a collection of devices that do only one thing and that marks a slow paradigm shift to change the way we approach personal technology.

Best Apple gadgets of the decade according to Times
Best Apple gadgets of the decade according to Times

The first device to appear on this list is the iPad, which has undoubtedly set a precedent in the tablet world and remains one of the tablets on the market today. Without a doubt, the iPad has marked a cultural change in personal computing, giving rise to all the portable devices of the decade. With its renewed software, iPadOS, the problem that existed of having an iPhone with a big screen has been solved, creating a new paradigm that we are eager to see how it ends up evolving in the future years.

The second computer on this list is of course the Apple Watch. This team set a precedent for everything that a smart watch had to do and although a tough start they have certainly managed to evolve it into the best smart watch on the market. We have seen how many brands have tried to ‘copy’ it but almost none have been able to reach what an Apple Watch offers us. It is true that the Apple smart watch is not perfect, but in the future we hope that it will end up improving much more and enhancing its presence in the healthcare field. What is undeniable is that this watch has become a conventional accessory that has spread.

Finally, AirPods have also entered this list and it’s no surprise since they have also marked a turning point in the market by causing other brands to bring out their own wireless headphones. The comfort provided by AirPods is very good with an incredible sound quality that is hard to beat.

Other products that have entered this list are for example the Xbox Adaptive Control, the Tesla Model S, the Raspaberry Pi or the Nintendo Switch. All of these are devices that have made a mark in this decade and that show that the new decade that is going to start next January 1st is going to be marked by numerous innovations in different brands and products.

What are your ten products of the decade? Leave us your list and your impressions in the comment box.

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