“Behind the Mac,” Apple’s powerful new ad campaign

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Se trata de una de las campañas más grandes de promoción de los Mac que Apple ha realizado en los últimos años. La compañía ha publicado un total de cuatro vídeos. Uno de ellos sirve como resumen de la campaña. Los otros tres nos cuentan tres historias concretas. Es posible que a lo largo de los próximos días Apple presente el resto de vídeos hasta completar las 12 historias .

“Behind the Mac,” Apple’s powerful new ad campaign
“Behind the Mac,” Apple’s powerful new ad campaign

Apple quiere demostrar que sus Mac son mejores que otros PC con Windows a la hora de crear contenido. Podéis ver el resto de vídeos en la página de YouTube de Apple. No os los perdáis.

¿Qué os parece la nueva campaña de Apple?

Apple has just launched a new advertising campaign focused on the Mac . The new campaign tells us real stories of people using Apple computers to solve problems or create amazing things.

This campaign is one of the most intense in memory as it tells real emotions and human stories . It has a transcendence that previous Apple campaigns have not had. It is also designed to be broadcast during an event as important as the World Cup.

The campaign has several videos in which we can see different people pushing their creativity to the limit with different Apple computers. There are 12 individual stories about how artists, developers and many others are using Macs in their respective fields.

For example, one of the protagonists is businessman Peter Kariuki. Apple shows us the development of an application that aims to reduce traffic deaths in Rwanda . Kariuki founded the company SafeMotos, which works to ensure that “Africans do not have to choose between affordability and safety for their transportation.

Another protagonist is Bruce Hall, a legally blind photographer who uses his Mac to edit his photographs which are then exhibited. He has a permanent collection at the U.S. Library of Congress in Washington.

The third protagonist is an artist named Grimes. She produces and edits her own songs from her MacBook Pro .

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