Are the new MacBooks worth it?

Our favorite company dedicated to the world of electronics, Apple, after this WWDC that has taken place this past Monday, have released many new features, including a new range of our favorite series of laptops, the MacBook.

Hardware upgrade has arrived

The Cupertino have decided, after a considerably long period of time, to update their laptops, but not only have they changed the design or physical appearance, because as with the iMac, Apple has integrated the newest generation of Intel processors, these have a power of between 4.2 GHz and 4.5 GHz , depending on the computer that is, these processors have been baptized by Intel as “Kaby Lake”.

Are the new MacBooks worth it?
Are the new MacBooks worth it?

Not only have they changed the processor in order to improve the hardware, but they have also implemented considerable improvements in the data transmission speed , this is due to a faster and more powerful SSD hard disk . A MacBookPro with these features, you might think that it will be around 2,000 or 2,500 euros, but no, its starting price is 1,499 euros ,after this we can think that Apple is being pressured by the very low prices of the competition.

Here are the visual enhancements at last

As mentioned above, not only have they improved the hardware and performance, but they have also been able to take advantage of and improve the visual and graphics section. We can see this in the very satisfactory experience that will cause us the new 4K screen that the new MacBook have, not counting the implementation of the virtual reality environment in 360 degrees , this in its area is quite innovative, moreover, for people like Youtubers or some other content creator, will be a tool that will facilitate the process.

MacBook Air returns

Our dear old friend, the MacBook Air, has also appeared with a new facelift, but this time also in its performance, since it had some features that were outdated next to any other laptop. It was 11 inches, and now the older brother is replacing it with a more powerful 1.8 GHz, 13-inch processor to clearly see its beautiful screen.

Apple’s prices have dropped quite a bit, but the performance and quality of its products have risen considerably. This can be translated into the fact that the company of the bitten apple is listening to its community , because without its loyal customers it would be no more than any other company. That said, yes, it’s worth buying a new MacBook.

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