AppyFridays launches today its March promotion by giving away three fantastic applications for OS X

For those of you who don’t know AppyFridays , is a website where they search the Mac App Store for interesting applications, offering their developers to publish them on their site with a discount. Well, in March they start a promotion that goes beyond a simple discount: every weekend of this month they will give away three paid applications , only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Starting today.

There is no need to register, nor give any amount to get the applications. AppyFridays is a great initiative to popularize applications on the Mac App Store through one-time promotions. Remember that this weekend’s promotion will be effective from today until 11:59pm Sunday, March 10th ( New York time ).

AppyFridays launches today its March promotion by giving away three fantastic applications for OS X
AppyFridays launches today its March promotion by giving away three fantastic applications for OS X

We also have the assurance that the applications have been tested by the AppyFridays team, and that the select among the ones they like the most, promising that there will be no mediocre ones among their promotions. Let’s look at the first three they offer on their March Madness:

Lost Photos, in search of the lost photos

With this useful application we can recover all the photos that we often store in our e-mail , and that we often lose sight of, punishing them to oblivion. With the enormous amount of storage offered by today’s email services, imagine the photos you don’t expect to find in your digital “attic”.

Once the photos are recovered, in a very attractive and simple interface, we can share them to Facebook, Twitter, iPhoto or by email. And of course, store them in a more visible place so they won’t be lost again. The normal price of this software is 2.69 euros, which you can now download completely free from AppyFridays.

Tab Launcher, the hyper-vitaminized dock

The second application involved in the offer is a curious dock organized by tabs that we can totally customize: title, typography, shadow, shape, color, transparency, size of icons and position. It even has a preview of the windows of the open applications.

Tab Launcher has support for the new Retina Display Macs, and the tabs can store not only other applications, but also web pages, folders, or any other type of file. The unpromoted price of this application is $3.59, but for three days starting today, it’s completely free thanks to AppyFridays.

iHDClip, powerful video converter

The last of the free proposals is iHDClip , a converter between video formats AVCHD MTSM2TSM2T, MP4, MOV, MOD, TOD to Apple ProRes formats that can be edited with different versions of Final Cut, without the need to render them. It is also useful for converting video camera files to formats supported by OS X, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple TV.


Encoding can be done in batch mode, allowing you to create a list of videos to be processed and schedule a shutdown of the Mac when the processes are complete. The full list of formats the application works with can be found on its Mac App Store page, and the normal price of iHDClip is £8.99. This is much more expensive than the £0 it costs from today until Sunday, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate.

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