Apple’s iPhone 7 Will Make Current iPhone Models Obsolete

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With the Apple Watch in stores and the recent launch of the new MacBook, it’s time to start thinking about the next iPhone 7, although we’ve been doing so for several months now. The latest rumours suggest that the iPhone 7 may be a revolution within Apple’s smartphone range , leaving current models totally obsolete. Let’s see what’s true about all this.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Will Make Current iPhone Models Obsolete
Apple’s iPhone 7 Will Make Current iPhone Models Obsolete

So says Jonny Evans of Computerworld, who thinks that the iPhone 7 is going to be Apple’s best smartphone to date, and even more so if we listen to all the rumors that have emerged in recent months. Let’s take a look at all its features, as we know them so far .

The iPhone 7 could count on:

  • A body with a new type of metal, possibly 7000 series aluminium, which Apple has already used in the Apple Watch Sport models. This would make the iPhone 7 more rigid, with more flexural strength, to avoid bendgate. Although this totally contradicts the patent we learned about yesterday that would make the iPhone 7 a phone with a screen and a flexible battery.
  • It would have the Force Touch technology, already included in the Apple clock, but with a different technology. Perhaps this would eliminate the Home button that has accompanied the range until now. Can you imagine that iPhone 7 would include a digital crown? There’s a concept of something like that.
  • A camera of reflex or DSLR quality, thanks to the acquisition of LinX by Apple, an Israeli company that manufactures the high quality cameras of some smartphones and tablets, which would make the camera of the iPhone 7 the best in the whole market.
  • A 64-bit A9 processor, combined with 2GB of RAM There’s no doubt that Apple will choose to include the next generation processor in iPhone 7. The 2GB of RAM may be a bit short, especially if we compare it to the Android smartphones, but we have to take into account that iOS makes a better management of the RAM and it doesn’t need more quantity.
  • An OLED screen. This is undoubtedly one of the most talked about features, especially after the Apple Watch has an OLED display. Perhaps implementing this technology on the iPhone 7 screen will make the product very expensive and Apple will choose to include the new IGZO LCD technology, which is much more energy efficient and much cheaper.

All these features would perhaps make iPhone 7 a next generation smartphone and not a mere upgrade if Apple were to choose to launch the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models, which were originally talked about. The iPhone 7 has to be a big step forward from the current models and undoubtedly, if it had all these features, which we have reviewed thanks to The Mac Observer, it would make the current models obsolete.

How would you feel about an iPhone 7 with these features? Would you buy it? You can leave your impressions and answers in the comments.

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