Apple’s “Campus 3” at Sunnyvale is almost finished

La nueva misión de Apple: patentar y conseguir que el anillo del Apple Park sea icónico

The Apple Park (formerly called “Campus 2”) has caught the attention for becoming Apple’s new headquarters. But there is another building complex, a third campus, which is just being built in Sunnyvale . They call it Central&Wolfe, and it is less than 6 kilometers by car from Apple Park. We talked about it a few months ago.

Apple’s “Campus 3” at Sunnyvale is almost finished
Apple’s “Campus 3” at Sunnyvale is almost finished

Well, it seems that according to Appleinsider, the works of this third campus are practically ready. There are no more cranes, and the buildings look like they’re about to open. Everything is fenced in, but the height of the main building and its proximity to the street make it much more visible than the spaceship in Apple Park.

This is the location of Apple Campus 3 in relation to Apple Park and the original Infinite Loop Campus:

And these are the photographs that Appleinsider has been able to take from the outside. The whole complex is fenced in, waiting for the first employees to arrive:

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this new office complex has been built very close to some other complexes that Apple has rented in the recent past for its own projects, such as the Titan. However, the main purpose of these new offices will be to house Apple’s growing engineering staff .

As the bus service in the area is quite poor, Apple itself will provide a shuttle service for employees to go from one campus to another comfortably whenever they need it. In addition, Campus 3 is close to a train station that runs all the way from Silicon Valley to the city of San Francisco, perfect for those who live a little further away and don’t want to have to take the car. And if you don’t, there’s always the bike.

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