AppleCare+ is about to arrive in Spain

Apple offers an additional warranty with the purchase of any of its devices for many years, however this is something that in our country does not make as much sense as in the United States. There users only have one year of warranty , so it is more interesting to complement it with this type of options.

In Europe we have 2 years guaranteed, so AppleCare plans don’t make as much sense , at least as they are right now. However, this could change soon, as Applesfera has learned that AppleCare+ could soon arrive in Spain with more interesting improvements for users.

AppleCare+ is about to arrive in Spain
AppleCare+ is about to arrive in Spain

The Apple warranty service in Europe is quite peculiar , the first year of warranty is covered by the company, but the second year is the store where you bought the device that takes over, if it is an Apple Store will be Apple of course.

Current service AppleCare gives you three years of warranty with Apple for your devices and provides telephone service and technical support. However, it does not offer repairs for out-of-warranty damage.

This is where AppleCare+ comes in. In the U.S., Apple offers a great deal on display or battery replacement out of warranty. In other words, if your iPhone screen breaks, you can replace it for very little money.

Sources consulted by Applesfera report that Apple will announce the expansion of its AppleCare+ service to new European countries following the keynote of March 25th. However it is not clear which devices it will cover, it seems that Macs will be the most benefited from this expansion which is not clear to reach the iPhone.

The current AppleCare does not make much sense in Spain as it is configured, it is not adapted to the European market. However, an AppleCare+ with accident or even theft coverage could be an interesting option.

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