Apple Watch User Guide Now Available

A user guide for the Apple Watch is available from today , which serves as a reference for the operation of the Apple watch, which is on sale from today. The guide is in English and serves as a manual for the Watch for those who can already enjoy the watch. For the rest, it can help you learn more about how the watch works, and can help you learn more about some of the features of the Apple smartwatch.

Apple Watch User Guide

The guide has been published on Apple’s help page, where this Apple Watch user guide is now available. The guide is broken down into categories so you can quickly find what you’re looking for , where you can find: a quick start, basic sections, phone calls, music, Messages, calendar and reminders, and many other sections about the Apple Watch that will help you.

Apple Watch User Guide Now Available
Apple Watch User Guide Now Available

In addition you will find a series of very useful tips in the final part of the guide , in which you can find out how to change the watch strap or how to clean the leather straps: with the help of a cloth, slightly moistened and then left to dry in the air.

The Apple Watch is now on sale

The Guide is clearly focused on all those who booked the smartwatch on April 10th and who can pick up their watch at the shop from today. Remember that the Watch has only been put on sale in nine countries and that Spain is not among them, although yesterday we learned that the second campaign of reservations of the watch will begin next May 8 and among the chosen countries will be Spain .

The campaign has been a success, with more than one million reserves, which were reached on the very day the campaign began. The smartwatch is sold out and will not receive new units until June . Many users who booked the Apple watch will have to wait until next May to pick up their watch or even until June.

The Apple Watch has made a good start and some analysts are optimistic that the smartwatch could sell up to 3 million units in its first two weeks. In addition Apple wants to give more prominence to the online sale of the Watch , since thanks to this the customer will know exactly when he can pick up his watch and where. This marketing strategy is the idea of the head of distribution Angela Ahrendts .

We have learned about this Apple Watch user’s guide thanks to MacRumors and surely in the next few days we will start to see the first analyses and user’s opinions that have been able to get hold of the watch today. We will see if the beginnings of the clock are not bumpy and everything works as it should, without any major problems.

Now that we know that it is possible to book the Watch in Spain from May 8, we would like to know if you are planning to get the Apple Watch? You can leave your answer in the comments.

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