Apple Watch 2 already on the transformer stove and belts: Rumorsfera


2016 promises to be a warm month for Apple, and it will be even warmer for its customers, although this statement, being the firm founded by Steve Jobs, may sound repeated to you. However, this year it does look special, as we will probably see the second version of a product that has left no one behind: Apple Watch. According to rumors from sources that seem to be quite reliable, the Apple Watch 2 will enter the assembly line this month .

Apple Watch 2 already on the transformer stove and belts: Rumorsfera
Apple Watch 2 already on the transformer stove and belts: Rumorsfera

Rumours have it that Apple would entrust the manufacture of its second smartwatch to the Chinese firm Qanta , which would start making the watch this very month. As you know, the company plans to present the second edition of Apple next March, and then start marketing it from June. At this point, the usual thing is that little by little we will see parts of the clock that the assembly line usually filters.

The second edition of the Watch comes at a time when the market is still struggling to clearly define the category of wearables , and when some have not wasted any time defoliantly attacking the jugular of Tim Cook and company’s watch. We are referring to Fitbit, a company that has experienced golden moments with the sale of its sports bracelets, but which is suffering the pain of an unexpected reaction from investors to the presentation of the Blaze, its great trump card against Apple Watch.

As for the expected Watch 2, the sources say it will come with the developments that were anticipated at the time, namely camera for video calls by FaceTime, same battery but with optimized performance and surely a thinner design . Although with Apple, we know: until the Keynote arrives, we always move in the field of speculation.

The good thing is that we still don’t really know whether the firm has sold a lot or a few Apple Watch , but we hope that they will clear up our doubts by January 26 with the figures for the end of the quarter. We remind you that the company still considers the Apple Watch in the “Others” category, and we don’t know if it is because it doesn’t give clues to the competition, or because sales have not reached expectations.

But in the midst of all this mess and as if expectations were not enough, we have learned that Apple has registered a patent for a strap for the Watch that would greatly expand the potential of its use , and that would allow us from sticking it to the refrigerator to protect it in case of an accidental fall. Rumours, rumours… but what would we do without them?

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