Apple updates Final Cut Pro X

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Apple updates Final Cut Pro X
Apple updates Final Cut Pro X

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As we told you a few months ago, and coinciding with the launch of the new Mac Pro, Apple has just updated its professional video editor on the Mac App Store to take advantage of all the processing power of its new computers . Specifically, Apple says that both rendering and playback have been optimized for the Mac Pro’s dual GPUs.

Among the many new features in this new version, Final Cut 10.1 adds support for 4K monitors via Thunderbolt 2 and HDMI connections and is ready for 4K content, including transitions, generators and title. It also allows direct publishing of content to YouTube at that resolution. We also see Apple continuing to focus on China, and can also publish directly to the Chinese video sites Youku and Tudou. The update also includes a number of minor changes to the video editing suite.

The libraries are better organized , allowing to collect several events and projects in one package. Opening and closing individual libraries is improved, keeping only the necessary files in memory, optimising both performance and workflow organisation. In addition, we can import content into or out of a library, as well as make automatic backups to both a hard drive and a server.

On the audio side, Final Cut incorporates multiple enhancements including “audio fade” handles on individual audio channels on the timeline, the ability to add precise reprogramming speeds by specifying the numerical value on the timeline, the ripple-free programming option and a one-step replace and reprogram option to improve the entire process .

Other enhancements include the separation of audio from Multicam clips in the Timeline to manipulate audio and video separately, the ability to make video or audio-only edits in the Timeline using Multicam clips as sources , the cutting and moving of audio in J and L cuts, and the ability to make audio moves with J and L splits.

As you can see this is a very important update, with a lot of improvements , which will have to be analysed carefully in order to see what the real potential of this version is, but at first sight it seems a step forward. Finally, one bad news and one good news, the bad one is that it requires OS X 10.9 Mavericks to work, the good one, that the new version is translated to Spanish .

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