Apple updates Airport and Time Capsule firmware

Utilidad AirPort 5.5.2

This week Apple has updated the AirPort and Time Capsule firmware , mainly to improve the use of AirPlay from an iPhone or iPad. That’s not all, because they have also updated the AirPort utility to 5.5.2 . Not that they make any major changes, but it’s always a good idea to keep this kind of thing up to date on your Mac. As far as the Airport utility is concerned, the improvements are primarily of stability and fixing minor problems such as the correct representation of DHCP tables.

Apple updates Airport and Time Capsule firmware
Apple updates Airport and Time Capsule firmware

Regarding the firmware of Airport or Time Capsule (7.5.2) itself the improvements are as follows:

  • Solution of some Wi-Fi station stability issues.
  • Troubleshooting stability when playing videos via AirPlay.
  • Troubleshooting the USB input with some external storage drives
  • Improved port mapping NAS configuration
  • It adapts the device to the new security standards dictated by the body in charge of defining Wi-Fi networks.

Remember that to update the firmware of your Airport or Time Capsule it is necessary to do it from the device’s own utility (so it is convenient to update it first). To do this, open the program (when it is already updated) and in the “AirPort utility” menu choose the option “Check for updates”. The program will indicate that there is a new version of the firmware. Just hit the update button and wait for AirPort or Time Capsule to restart.

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