Apple TV 4K receives surround music with Dolby Atmos Music

Apple Music llega a los televisores de Samsung de 2018 en adelante

De momento, podemos considerar este como el primer paso para escuchar esta tecnología en Apple Music , tal y como ya está disponible para los suscriptores estadounidenses de Amazon Music HD. Quien sabe, ahora que Dolby Atmos es cada vez más popular, podría ser cuestión de meses que veamos la llegada de música con posicionamiento espacial a través del servicio de música en streaming de Apple, y es que no podemos olvidar que el Apple TV es uno de los mejores productos para disfrutar de las tecnologías Dolby.

Apple TV 4K receives surround music with Dolby Atmos Music
Apple TV 4K receives surround music with Dolby Atmos Music

A few months ago, as part of the news from Amazon, we learned of the arrival of the Echo Studio. This speaker, although not compatible with Apple TV, was the first to be compatible with Dolby Atmos music playback through Amazon Music HD. When it was launched, there was no alternative to be able to access this technology in our favourite music, however, everything has been changing thanks to Tidal’s music lovers.

Although Apple Music is at a different level in terms of music library, far above what is currently offered by Tidal, the truth is that the quality of the latter has not yet been reached by its competition. Tidal HiFi, the most complete subscription on the platform, allows access to high-resolution sound through the “HiFi” and “Master” qualities. And since a few months, also with Dolby Atmos, which gives us the possibility to enjoy music with spatial positioning.

Now, thanks to its Apple TV application, we can bring all that surround music directly to our Dolby Atmos-compatible sound machines. To do so, we’ll just have to configure our equipment as we would to enjoy the rest of the content already offered by the Apple device. And of course, we’ll have to have a subscription to Tidal Hi-Fi, something that won’t exactly come cheap, and that is that costs 19.99 euros per month .

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