Apple to Open Research and Development Center in India

This year Apple has big expansion plans and will open new stores in Latin America and Asia. India is one of the emerging markets in which Apple has its sights set on, in fact last October it reached an agreement with Croma to open its first Apple Store in this country. But that’s not all, since the company intends to open a research and development center in India in the not too distant future .

The Indian market has been growing in importance for Apple, so it is not surprising that they are working hard to get everything they need to start opening an Apple Store there . And no wonder, since India has more than a billion inhabitants.

Apple to Open Research and Development Center in India
Apple to Open Research and Development Center in India

On the other hand, it has been known that weeks ago Apple has met with the Indian authorities, assuring that they intend to open a research center in Hyderabad, the Indian Silicon Valley . This is where the world’s leading technology companies are beginning to set up shop.

Far from being rumours, the American company itself has officially confirmed this information . Apple points out that they have been investing money in order to expand their operations in India.

On the other hand, they have taken the opportunity to say that they are delighted to have so many passionate customers in India, as well as an incredible and brilliant community of developers . There is no doubt that the country is a candy for Apple that can bring them many benefits, so they are not going to miss the opportunity.

This project of the research and development centre in India will cost Apple $25 billion . It will be a centre with about 70,000 square metres and will employ 4,500 people for its construction.

When this Apple research and development centre in India is completed and operational it will employ 150 people, who will initially be part of the company’s mapping team . However, it is not ruled out that they will also work on other software related projects in the future besides maps.

If everything goes according to plan Apple will start the works before the end of 2016, coinciding with the dates when the Cupertino Campus 2 will finally be finished. We’ll have to wait and see what finally happens, but according to the latest recorded aerial images of Campus 2 we can see that the works are going well.

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