Apple slows down CarPlay application development

After the announcement of CarPlay earlier this week, there has been a lot of news related to the integration of iOS into cars that we have been telling you about. One of the most striking aspects is that initially, only four third-party applications , iHeartRadio, Spotify, Beats and Sticher, are available in addition to the native iOS features such as maps, calls and messages and music.

The reason why only a select number of developers were allowed to work with CarPlay before this week’s announcement is that Apple is slowly working with its platform even though integrating this function into the iOS apps seems to be a very simple task.

Apple slows down CarPlay application development
Apple slows down CarPlay application development

This is what Brian Lakamp, president of Clear Channel Media, creator of iHeartRadio, one of the four companies allowed to develop applications for CarPlay, said. According to Lakamp, updating the existing iHeartRadio application in iOS to add support for CarPlay was a fairly quick process .

Apple has always meticulously controlled its operating systems, even excessively so for many, and has followed that policy with CarPlay, in which, to keep things simple and consistent according to one Apple employee, and to reduce cluttered applications that can become a distraction to drivers, the API for CarPlay has a relatively simple directory structure for including songs and artists, while the on-screen controls come with only a limited number of things you can do, according to Lakamp.

What is the reason for this caution in including third-party applications? Security. This issue has been discussed for a long time, and it seems to be the main concern for the company , which resulted not only in such a small number of developers with access to CarPlay, but also in limited functionality for them.

It is not known exactly when more developers will have access to CarPlay, but it seems that, due to this slow way of working we will not see a boom of third party applications any time soon. No hurry but no pause.

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