Apple sets up an online chat with experts for your AppleCare


24 hours a day, seven days a week… That’s the maxim Apple intends to introduce in its AppleCare service, and it looks like it’s ready to start next week. This would improve an already outstanding service (always in my personal experience, which is the only one I can really talk about) within the current trend of changes that are taking place in your AppleCare service.

Apple sets up an online chat with experts for your AppleCare
Apple sets up an online chat with experts for your AppleCare

It’s about offering something that goes beyond the forums that Apple already had on its website. This service will be available for both Mac users and iOS device users and through the Web we will be able to contact an expert from the company to solve all our doubts. One more step to enhance a service already offered at the Apple Store (Genius bar) for those users who do not have one of these stores nearby.

We’ve had a year of major renovations within Apple Store services related to AppleCare. It’s common knowledge that Apple has recently suffered a setback in court for misleading advertising in Europe, forcing it to withdraw its AppleCare service in Italy. I really don’t like to call it “misleading” but rather Apple tells you what it is interested in telling you. Then, in practice, Apple continues to comply with the law .

This new service, which will be added to the policy of repairing and not replacing iPhones in the physical Apple Store, will aim to offer a direct and fast contact with Apple experts for any problem that may arise. This way we may be able to solve a problem with our Mac or iOS device without having to wait too long or approach any technical service.

There is also talk of a similar service, but by telephone that will be implemented next, but of this service we do not have date data, nor if it will really be implemented. It is likely that this chat service, which has an initial launch date of August 12, will be presented as a pilot project that is only accessible to the United States. Later, depending on how it works, it will be extended to other countries.


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