Apple releases WWDC 2012 session videos


This year it is especially useful for all developers and curious people on the platform, as the world event sold out in less than two hours. There are more than a hundred videos, covering topics about application development for iOS and OS X.

Apple releases WWDC 2012 session videos
Apple releases WWDC 2012 session videos

Obviously many videos talk about the new features presented at the event applied to application development, such as the adaptation of applications to iOS 6 or the retina display of the new MacBook Pro which will eventually become a standard for all Apple computers. And as always, a confidentiality agreement prevents the content of some videos from being publicly disclosed.

Certainly the MacBook Pro’s retinal display is going to bring a lot of work to programmers, and if the next iPhone brings a change in resolution that work will be even greater. In order to watch the videos we will need an Apple Developer account . Registration is free, although to develop applications you need to pay an annual subscription of one hundred euro. If you find it more convenient, the videos can also be downloaded from iTunes U.

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