Apple releases first iOS 11.4 beta for developers

After last week’s launch of iOS 11.3 for the iPad 2018 only and 24 hours later for all users, today Apple has decided to continue advancing the development of its flagship operating system by launching the first beta of iOS 11.4 which will aim to further improve the performance of our iPhone and iPad, leaving it ready for the arrival of iOS 12.

The update we saw less than a week ago was very focused on performance and battery, although we appreciated yesterday that the autonomy did not improve too much in the tests performed and being very divided the Apple5x1 community.

Apple releases first iOS 11.4 beta for developers
Apple releases first iOS 11.4 beta for developers

The visual improvements are null in this beta that we have already installed in our device, and that is why we only see improvements at an internal level focused on improving the performance and autonomy of all terminals, focusing much on the older ones that with iOS 12 will be relieved another step.

As I was saying, we are already downloading this beta on our devices although with the notes provided by Apple we can see that the news are the following:

  • Troubleshooting in Music, Xcode, Vision, Keychain and AirPlay.

With this we can see that they are only going to cover the security holes and patch some bugs that have been left in the inkwell with iOS 11.3. This is logical since we are in a much higher version of iOS 11 and therefore everything that they have new will be saved for iOS 12, even though many rumors say that iOS 12 will also be designed not to worsen the performance and we will see few new things.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about the news of this new update that will arrive in a few months, probably before WWDC 2018.

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